4 Year Freeziversary

Today is our Freeziversary! Four years ago, after undergoing fertility treatment while waiting to begin cancer treatment, I had the egg retrieval that led to the creation of our 9 embryos.

We were so fearful of what was ahead of us when it came to cancer – but so hopeful that those embryos would be waiting for us in better days. I’ve said it a million times: knowing we had our embryos was a beacon of hope during all the difficult days.  They helped me push myself beyond what I ever thought I could endure.

I cannot believe the journey that has led us here, and I cannot believe how lucky we are to have our two amazing daughters, Hope and Maggie.  There’s so much I could write about that’s happened since they were born on April 20, 2016, but I think I can sum it all up in one word: GRATEFUL.


Me, 4 years ago, with pictures of all 9 embryos; Maggie in the watermelon; Hope in the whale; both in the toothless grins 🙂   Can you believe these two were frozen for over 3 years?!?


19 thoughts on “4 Year Freeziversary

  1. Hi Emily,
    I have saved your blog on my iPad back in 2012 I was in communication with your motherinlaw on inspire because my mom was diagnosed with lung cancer around the same time you were. I honestly have not been on in a good few years and I just saw your most recent post. I wanted to say how amazing this is and gorgeous you and your girls are. My mom is now 5 yrs out from here non small cell lung cancer diagnosis and doing well she watches my kids and has 5 grandkids now. I love all the work you do with lung cancer. I would love to get involved and share my mom’s story can you get me in touch with people. I want to spread the word and give hope to others fighting this disease.

  2. You and Miles deserve those beautiful smiling baby girls, and they deserve you!!! I know you treasure every minute, even the tired times. Congratulations:)

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