Drum roll please…

It gives me great pleasure to introduce the nine (9!) newest members of the Bennett-Taylor family.   Please meet Gunner, Boomer, Truck, EJ (Emily Junior), MJ (Miles Junior), Superman-Batman, Michelley, Kevich, and Princess Consuela Banana Hammock!!  These nine little embryos are the product of the fertility treatments that Miles and Emily underwent prior to Emily starting chemotherapy.  Word cannot begin to express how excited we are to meet these little guys and gals down the road once Emily’s cancer has been kicked.  SO. FREAKING. EXCITED.

Aren’t the little embryos so cute just like their mother?! Note: You can only see 8 because MJ is a little camera shy

Gunner, Boomer, Truck, Michelley, and Kevich snuggled up for some quality time together before heading into the cryogenic freezer!

2 thoughts on “Nonuplets!!!

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  2. Hooray for Princess Consuela Banana Hammock! Great names! And off-topic/post, the Tails from the MIL had me laughing on the floor! Keep up the posts and keep up the hard work Emily! (And family). 🙂

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