Cover Girls

I am honored to share with you our Cancer Today cover story! cancer-today-coer

Over a year ago, Senior Editor Marci Landsmann read my surrogacy blog post, and contacted me about telling our story. She wanted to focus on our quest for fertility throughout our cancer journey, and after a few interviews, said she’d be in touch for an update once our future children were born.

Shortly after Maggie and Hope arrived, Marci reached out again, and talking with her was like catching up with an old friend. I am extremely grateful for the candid, beautiful, poignant way she told our story.  I’ll admit she made me cry…several times. This story will forever be cherished by our entire family, but it will also provide courage and hope to cancer patients as they struggle to realize dreams of their own families. Thank you, Marci.


Hey girls, look what came in the mail today!

Also a big shout-out to the photographer, Dawn Bowery. This lady is a rockstar. She and her assistant, Marion, made the shoot so fun, dealt with 2 squirmy three-month-olds, and managed to capture some gorgeous photos of our family. Thank you, Dawn.

I am continually amazed where this journey has taken us.  Thank you to Cancer Today for making this moment possible!

xoxo – EmBen



Mommy reads while the girls devour the article.


Hope (L): “Wow, Mommy – this is amazing!” Maggie (R): “Check ‘cover girl’ off my bucket list!”


14 thoughts on “Cover Girls

  1. Dear Emily,
    So wonderful to finally see the magazine in print and to read this article. I am beyond grateful and proud to have met you and to have photographed you and your family for Cancer Today. Thank you to the American Association of Cancer Research and Bates Creative for this very special commission. Our shoot was emotional, touching and so very joyful! Thank you and your family for making us so welcome! You are an inspiration to all Emily xxx

  2. Thanks, Emily, for such kind words. I’m so honored that you shared your story with me. And you are right–it did feel like we were old friends. I’m so touched to have been able to work on this story. Thank YOU!

  3. Sweet Emily–I am so proud of you…and happy for you and Miles! Your girls are beautiful and so are you! You are helping more people than you could ever know. XXOO Mrs. Bechinski

  4. Dear Hope, Maggie, Miles and Emily,
    Your family continues to inspire all of us and gives us cause to celebrate the power of positive thinking and persistence, advocacy and action, hope and love. Holding your story close to my heart and looking forward to seeing more photos of your beautiful family! xoxox and woof, Cubby

  5. Reblogged this on These Are My Scars and commented:
    We can go through some truly horrible times with this terrible disease. So it is truly wonderful when we can see news like this. I am so very happy for Emily and her husband. I encourage anyone out there who is newly diagnosed or those of reproductive age dispite treatment to ask your health care team about what your options are for fertility preservation/treatments. Often reproductive health is overlooked when cancer seems so much more important, but it is a very important area of life that we may not want to close the door on. Congratulations EmBen, wishing you all happiness and health.

  6. All I can say is WOW! Great story (yes does make you cry) and adorable pictures of the family.

    Enjoy every minute. Dishes and dirty clothes all that stuff can wait.

    Love, Sandy


  7. When my readers are skeptical about my assertions that modern medical science is making it possible for patients with an advanced lung cancer diagnosis to thrive in life, I love being able to point them to you as real evidence of what is possible. I am so very happy for you!

  8. This is a great story and a fairytale of one woman’s strive to have a normal life, be a mother but most of all, she had to put her future on hold, to battle the enemy inside called Lung Cancer.
    She is anot example to all women that you can achieve an goal in life, by fighting the big fight for the win!
    So proud of this family in letting the world know dreams do come true!

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