Getting My Butt in Gear

Sometimes, I lack the motivation to work out.  I assume (hope?) this is a common issue for others, but if not I’ll just pull the one-lung excuse 😉

Sure, I feel a lot stronger these days.  And yes, I attribute that to my regular workouts, which are expanding my left lung capacity.  But every once in awhile I just want to regress by about a year and spend an entire day binge-watching a new TV series.  You know, the good ole’ days, when radiation side-effects had me so exhausted I could barely walk to the bathroom, and literally lay on the couch…for months.

But today, I was given a wake-up call.  A reminder that no, the past few years weren’t just a bad dream, and yes, I am determined to do everything in my power to prevent this awful disease from ever returning.

EmBen walking 3.5mi

Here’s today’s walking stats – San Fran 5k, here I come!

That wake-up call came via this very new study, not even out in print yet. To summarize, “Daily cardiovascular exercise appears to mitigate the growth of lung adenocarcinoma tumors.”   If “adenocarcinoma” sounds familiar, that may be because it’s the exact type of lung cancer I had.

So does this research apply to me? Yes.  Are these results exciting? Double yes.  Are they motivating me to get my butt in gear and go out for another training walk for the San Francisco 5k with ALCF? Hell yes.

If this study motivated you, too, click HERE to join Team EmBen and come join us on September 21st for your daily cancer-fighting exercise! Or hey, if you just want to fund life-saving research that’ll someday allow me to pop an anti-cancer pill so I can stop this silly workout fad and get back to curling up on the couch, we’ll take donations, too 😉

Much love. Live in the moment.



6 thoughts on “Getting My Butt in Gear

  1. Emily, I’m out of words! I googled “stage IV lung cancer help me”, and your article on Stanford popped up. Your outer and inner beauty and strength are astounding and eye opening! Thank you for the new lens I see this diagnosis through and thank you for sharing this journey of life with us, I savour every word of it!

  2. Wow!,,,good to know…..I have been upping my walk to almost 3 miles daily….I need to up my game after this research shared,Emily!…good luck in the San Fran 5 K…I will be participating in Hollywood 5K…wish you could be there! XXX

    With love,Mara

  3. I couldn’t run a 5k when I had two lungs…….I am a fan of the watching a whole series of an entire program that I missed…..When do we start? Could that be a ‘fundraiser’ of some kind???? Open to all options.

    I love getting on your blog and finding all my favorite people…….Happy Day to all…..Just had a great day visiting at Foundation Medicine. Lots of new and wonderful things going on there. Toured the labs, met with the ‘biggies’ and talked to the whole team at lunch…… Just awesome…..



  4. You go, girl! Team NEIL SOLOZIP looks forward to walking with Team EmBen, although I am not sure that I will be able to keep up with you!! xoxxo

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