Emily’s AWESOME Great Lung Run Video

Those of you that have been following Emily’s story should also be familiar with Kelcey Harrison and the Great Lung Run.  Kelcey’s 3,500 mile cross country journey is nearing the finish line as she is currently (finally!) making her way up the Golden State to the Bay Area.  The Great Lung Run will officially come to an end on Saturday, December 1st as Kelcey runs into Crissy Field in San Francisco.

While Emily is battling lung cancer at City of Hope, she would like all of her friends and family to support Kelcey as she pounds the pavement to fight lung cancer on this last leg of her journey through central California.  Emily has created an awesome video to show you just how serious she is.  Have you ever seen those Old Spice commercials on TV?  Well it’s sort of like that, only 734,298 times better.

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Reunited, And It Feels So Good

This past weekend Emily and Miles ventured north to Idaho for the wedding of a dear friend.  They were able to drive through Emily’s hometown of Moscow, ID, see her old house, high school and church, and even her favorite fast food joint, Zip’s.  The best part of the weekend was reuniting with her high school besties who now live scattered across the U.S. – Kara (b-e-a-utiful bride!), Emily W, and Chelsea.  Two years ago these three lovely ladies were a part of Emily’s wedding party as she married Miles, so it was wonderful for them to all be in the same place together again.


This incredible weekend set Emily up with high spirits and renewed vigor as she went in for her 4th round of chemotherapy on Monday.  She was sporting a Great Lung Run shirt in honor of Kelcey Harrison who just passed the halfway (1,270 mile) marker on her run from NY to SF to raise awareness for lung cancer.  Both of these gals are working to beat lung cancer, big time.

Pounding Pavement, Pounding Cancer

Kelcey Harrison is dedicating Wednesday, September 5th as EmBen Kicks Cancer Day in the Great Lung Run!!  Now who is Kelcey Harrison you might ask, and what is the Great Lung Run?  To do the explanation justice we have to go back to June of 2009 where the story starts with an incredible young woman named Jill.

Jill Costello was a vibrant 21 year old college student, non-smoker, and coxswain for UC Berkeley’s NCAA Championship rowing team.  In June of 2009, she was diagnosed with Stage IV lung cancer.  Jill quickly rose to the challenge and set out to raise both money and awareness for this #1 most deadly form of cancer.  While Jill fought a tenacious battle against lung cancer, she passed away in June 2010.  Even though Jill was not able to beat lung cancer for herself, her spirit and commitment to the cause lives on in an organization aptly named Jill’s Legacy.

Jill’s Legacy was started by a group of young professionals including many of Jill’s close friends and family.  This is an entirely volunteer run organization dedicated to mobilizing young people to erase the stigma of lung cancer and raise funds for research.

Kelcey Harrison is one of these highly mobilized young people, and also a dear childhood friend of Jill’s.  On June 30th, 2012 she set out on a run from Time Square in New York City; Kelcey’s final destination – San Francisco!  This is the Great Lung Run.  Kelcey is running 30+ miles a day across the entire United States to raise money and awareness and to ultimately to “beat lung cancer, big time”, as Jill always said.

Bonnie Addario and Jill Costello

Jill’s Legacy is also a sub-entity of the Bonnie J. Addario Lung Cancer Foundation (BJALCF).  The BJALCF has been involved and incredibly helpful in Emily’s cause and word of her fight made its way to Kelcey.  As a result, Kelcey is dedicating Wednesday, September 5th of the Great Lung Run to Emily kicking cancer.  This is also the day that Emily has her third chemotherapy treatment.  While Emily is pounding cancer at City of Hope, Kelcey will be pounding the pavement to help her kick cancer.

For more information on the Great Lung Run, check out Kelcey’s website.  Or even better, get involved and help support Kelcey on the Great Lung Run!  You can either host her as she runs through your town, or “sponsor” her for a night by booking a hotel room along route so she has a warm place to stay and rest up.  Click here to check out the list of cities and towns that Kelcey is running through.  Do it for Kelcey.  Do it for Jill.  Do it for Emily.

For more information on the organization Jill’s Legacy, check out the Jill’s Legacy website.

To read more about Jill Costello’s incredible life and her courageous fight against lung cancer, check out this Sports Illustrated article.