Welcome to Los Angeles

After two flights with a layover + delay in between, Emily and Miles finally touched down at LAX Wednesday night. Little did they know that three of their biggest cheerleaders were there waiting with signs and smiles to greet them (and help carry the 2,137 pounds of luggage).

Airport Surprise

Annie, Miles, Emily, EmTay, and Casey at LAX (Unfortunately Casey’s cheerleader outfit was at the dry-cleaner).

It should be common knowledge by now that Team EmBen never does anything with less than 150% full spirit.  Why would they stop with one small airport surprise?  When Emily walked in to her apartment she was so excited about the large stack of mail that was waiting for her that she failed to notice the 12 other fully costumed friends waiting in the living room.  Her pure shock and joy was captured on this video


Not only was everyone in full costume, but they had blanketed the walls of the apartment with awesome signs and fun balloons.  And of course a human tunnel spontaneously formed for Emily and Miles to run through before being greeted with many long-awaited hugs.




Reunited, and it feels SOOOOOOO good! 🙂