A Spook-tacular Halloween

Ned and Dr Flores

“NED” Flanders and Dr. Raja Flores

Miles and Emily recently moved into their first house in a neighborhood known locally as “Candy Cane Lane”.  It’s an LA destination for Christmas decorations, and the streets attract thousands of visitors around the holidays.  In other words, a neighborhood right up their alley!  Their new neighbors alerted them that they should expect big crowds on Halloween as well so Emily made sure the house was well-stocked with candy.

In celebration of Emily’s NED status (No Evidence of Disease), she dressed as Ned Flanders and Miles dressed as her surgeon, Dr. Raja Flores.  Friends Nate, Melanie, and baby Parker, and Annie and John came over to join in the Halloween festivities (and, unbeknownst at the time, to assist with crowd control).

Sushi and Chef

Sushi Chef Melanie and her favorite sushi creation, Parker

Emily made a game of counting trick-or-treaters, but gave up around 425.  Miles and Nate, meanwhile, had their own game going on with the costumed kiddies.  Each trick-or-treater who came to the house got a piece of candy; however, if they were willing to shoot a basketball on Miles’ new hoop, each kid could earn five extra pieces of candy for a made basket.  Jackpot!!

Mel, Em, and Annie

Melanie, Emily, and Annie distributing candy to the masses

As you can imagine, the line down their driveway was soon over a hundred trick-or-treaters deep.  Oh, and if the kid [teenager] was 16 or older, they got one piece of candy for a bucket.  If they missed, they got a “Go get a job!” from Nate.  Needless to say, the candy ran out long before the massive crowds of trick-or-treaters subsided.  Emily has already made a note to buy more next year..

It was a wonderful first holiday in their new home, and Emily and Miles are looking forward to many more.  Hope you all had a spook-tacular Halloween!

Halloween Crowds

Every superhero, princess, and monster wanted a chance to shoot a basket and score extra candy!

Happy Halloween!

In preparation for her fifth round of chemotherapy scheduled for the following day, Emily and Miles got in to the spirit of the season on Sunday and had people over to hang out, watch football, carve pumpkins, and eat tasty fall themed desserts.  It was a great evening filled with friends and fun.  We also learned that in addition to showing lung cancer who is boss, Emily carves a mean pumpkin.  Miles, on the other hand, does not share quite the same artistic prowess as his wife.  His attempt to carve Ginny (their dog) into a pumpkin looked an awful lot like a fat cat with a club foot…

Wonderdog Ginny and her likeness as carved by Miles.  Ginny appears to have mixed emotions about the pumpkin and/or costume.

Stephanie and Emily and their masterpiece pumpkins.

Miles, Roger, Emily, and Stephanie

Also, spotted over the weekend – some festive Halloween party-goers sporting their “Fight Like a Girl” wristbands in support of Emily.