8 Years NED!

Well, here we are – 8 years (and a few more wrinkles) later. On February 9, 2013, I was recovering in the ICU after surgery to remove my right lung, pleura, partial diaphragm and pericardial sac, and mediastinal lymph nodes. As drugged and in pain as I was, the moment Dr. Flores told me I was NED (No Evidence of Disease) – and the hope that it held for us – remains crystal clear.

2021, by the NED sign we held in 2013
2013 in the Mt. Sinai ICU, NYC

Miles and I know how lucky we are to be here today. We often think of the friends we’ve lost along the way to this awful disease, and those we know who continue to battle. We hope like hell that someday – hopefully soon – the possibility of receiving a diagnosis like mine is something no person will have to go through. In the meantime, we remain committed to fighting for lung cancer awareness and funding, and to a better day for all of us who are affected by this disease.

Stay safe out there, everyone. I’ll be cuddled up inside with these two – the reasons I fought so hard so long ago.

Post-bath snuggles with Maggie
Mommy and goofy Hope 🙂

Much love. Live in the moment.