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Please feel free to leave a comment below for Emily and Miles.  Words of love and support, funny memories, embarrassing stories, random factoids – anything is welcome!!

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  1. Hi Emily – WOW! Your story is a profound one and one that hits home. Just last week, I celebrated the one year anniversary of my mother, who passed away from stage IIIB lung cancer. She was 59 and a non-smoker. I just spent the last couple hours reading over every blog post and crying — good tears. I’m so happy to learn how you overcame this awful disease and did not let it consume you – which is so so difficult to do at times. As a 30 yr old surviving daughter of my mother, I have lived in a lot of fear thinking that it is only a matter of time before the same thing happens to me — mostly fear that my mom’s cancer was from genetics or an environment in which we both lived in. Honestly, since she passed I’ve lived in a fog about the entire disease altogether. There is such limited amount of information available and most of the things you read on the internet are not positive. So in a way, I gave up. Yet, it is such an important topic that needs more attention. This is the first time I have felt hope and no fear.

    It’s people like you who need to be celebrated and honored. You are courageous beyond words and I admire your strength and positive attitude. Thank you for lifting me up — when you didn’t even know it! And thank you for raising awareness on this incredibly scary, but very real, cancer. You truly are a warrior. And, congratulations on the news of your new babies!!

    PS – On a side note, I would be so interested to learn more about your supplementation routine — both what you did while going through chemo//radiation, and since you have been NED. Maybe you could share in a future blog post? It’s incredibly fascinating to learn how taking care of yourself and general health play such an important role!!

    Liz… A complete stranger that stumbled upon this incredible story from ((And thank you for actually highlighting something meaningful to society))


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  3. Dear Emily,

    I would love to talk to you about coming to speak as a cancer survivor advocate at the National Cancer Institute’s Fellows and Young Investigator’s colloquium. If you could email me at I can give you all the details. It would be speaking to cancer research trainees, mostly post-doctoral fellows that are involved in cutting edge cancer research here at the National Institutes of Health, in Bethesda, MD, just outside Washington, DC.
    Hope to hear from you soon,
    Allison Burrell

  4. Hi Emily,

    I read your blog and wanted to reach-out to see whether you would be open to a brief interview for Thought Catalog? I was moved by your resilience in the face of your disease and would love to include your voice in the article I’m writing on recent advances in lung cancer research thanks to immunotherapy. Your perspective would ground the piece in real-life experience, and would raise awareness around the importance of furthering cancer research.

    I can be reached at

    Thanks so much,

  5. Hi!

    My name is Elizabeth and I am a 26 year old Canadian who was diagnosed on April 21st with late stage aggressive lung cancer. Much like yourself, I am an otherwise healthy, active, non-smoking woman who is coming up to my first year wedding anniversary in July. To make things even more complicated, I am currently 30 weeks pregnant and trying to fight this thing. I have now completed 2 rounds of chemotherapy and would love the opportunity to speak with you. Your story is truly inspiring to me and has really helped me stay positive and believe that I can defy the odds. I have included my e-mail address and would love the opportunity to discuss your story and perhaps share some resources/advice. Thanks.

    • Hi there. I saw your post and can’t believe the similarities in our stories. I also was diagnosed with stage iv adenocarcinoma. I was 30 weeks pregnant at the time of diagnosis (in June 2015). I have since delivered the baby 7 weeks early and have had 1 round of chemotherapy so far. I would love to have you and an email buddy as someone going through a uniquely similar situation! Let me know if you are interested!

  6. Dear Emily-

    So nice to meet you! Having dealt with many close ones who have struggled with the diagnosis of cancer I found your blog and your story truly inspiring. Currently, I work with a marketing and advertising team who is working on developing innovative digital services to help make patients life easier as they deal with the daily impact cancer can bring forth. I was hoping I could spend a couple minutes chatting with you to get your prospective on dealing with LC and ideas to better the patient community. Please let me know if you are able to chat!



  7. Hi Emily!

    My name is Su Hyun Lim and I am a high school student in Winnipeg who is currently interning with an organization called RGI provided from Shad Valley.

    As part of internship, interns were asked to research about the topic of cancer. In addition to that, as part of the understanding of the disease, we were assigned to interview current cancer patients and/or survivors to understand the disease from people who have the first-hand experience and knowledge until this Thursday. We want to find out about what the major problem that the disease brings that may be significant, but unaddressed as well as other problems that the cancer patients face.

    If you would be able to help me and my group by doing an interview with us, we would really appreciate it. The interview is very flexible. It will not be long (For sure less then 30 minutes). In addition to that, we can arrange it in many forms. It could be over the phone, questionaire on internet, chat, and email etc. I know that this is a short notice, but we would like to start conducting interviews today or tomorrow. If you need any further information or if you have any questions, I would be very happy to answer.

    Thanks for all your help and considerations!

    Su Hyun Lim

    My email is if you are interested!

  8. Hi Emily,

    Your blog is incredibly informative and very inspirational, which is why we are asking you for your help! We are app designers with an ambitious goal to support cancer research worldwide. Our up-coming app ‘Break Stuff’ donates 50% of all profits towards the World Cancer Research Fund International and we want this to big! We feel we have a unique and brand new concept for game apps as a whole; a game that actually rewards the user for donating without them ever having to pull out their credit cards!

    How it works is that on the main game play screen a “Donation Box” will occasionally float by. The user taps the bottom of the screen to control the “Boxing Gloves” that fly to the top of the screen and smash open the boxes, opening a single advertisement. A short message explains that, “Installing the free, advertised app donates $1 to cancer research.” The user does not have to open their wallets at any point in time. We used boxing gloves to serve as a metaphor that lets the users feel like they are literally ‘fighting’ cancer which, theoretically, they really are doing! (We added a screenshot for a visual explanation).

    So we have a big favor to ask, because if this app is able to rank onto the top 10 spots on the App Store, we could be able to donate upwards of $20,000 every day to the WCRFI! If you would be willing to make an announcement on the day of its launch – hopefully some time by the end of August – or be willing to do a quick blog post for us that would be huge! We want this to go viral, so any posts on social media are highly appreciated.

    Thank you for your consideration!

    – The Break Stuff developer team

  9. Emily and Miles, a friend forwarded me the link about you. I live in Washington, DC., a TV news reporter and a never-smoker diagnosed with Stage 4a adenocarcinoma–similar situation to you (except I am in my 50s!). Looking for clinical trials now, but very much inspired by your story. God bless you and I will be following you. My mantra now is Love, Laugh, Live and Forgive. We’re all in this together!
    Greta Kreuz

  10. Hi Emily,

    I work with DelImmune, a leading provider of immune system supplements. I wanted to reach out to let you know that we’ve just released our list of “60 Top Cancer Blogs for Advice, Support and Inspiration,” and you’ve made the list. Congratulations! You can see the full list here:

    After following a few blogs chronicling the journeys of families, we decided to look around at the many cancer blogs on the web and realized what an incredible wealth of comfort, advice and simple understanding exists in the blogging world from individuals sharing their cancer journeys, family members chronicling the emotional journey of a spouse, child or loved one with cancer, and advocates who work to raise awareness and work towards funding to find a cure every day. We created this list as a resource for families and individuals who are going through their own journeys and could benefit from just feeling like there’s someone else in the world who actually understands what they’re going through.

    We wanted to recognize you for your bravery and strength, and willingness to open yourself up to the world in a way that’s touching so many lives. Thank you! We’ve created custom badges for the blogs that made this list as a way for the blogs that made this list to recognize the tremendous impact you’re making. If you’d like to install a badge, simply copy and paste the code found at

    Finally, we’ve created a Twitter list that’s easy for everyone to follow:

    It would be great if you’d share this news with your Twitter followers and readers!
    Thanks so much for your time, and congratulations again! Your work is much appreciated by many.


  11. Emily,
    I too have stage IV NSCLC and am not a smoker. I have been on my journey since July 30, 2012. Thank you so much for you letter to Dr. Oz. I was in shock after watching that episode. I too was compelled to contact the show and sent an email. Unfortunately, I received the standard thank you reply. I hope that your letter will go further and will bring attention to the negative stigma associated with this horrific disease. You are amazing!
    Lynn Mitchell

  12. Emily,

    Great to see you today. Thanks for stopping by to say hello. You looked wonderful. I hope you and Miles have a happy holiday season and a very healthy new year!

    All the Best,


  13. Hi Emily and Miles,
    I can’t tell you how happy I am to hear your story. My wife is also fighting lung cancer since her diagnosis in late 2011. It is so encouraging to see these positive stories and know that there is hope. It is very exciting to see all the medical advances that are coming every day. I can see a day when this awful disease will be cured, or at least just a chronic condition that one can live with.
    I see a lot of Badger Red on your page, so being a Wisconsinite I just wanted to wish you all the best and I’ll pray for your continued recovery.


  14. Hi there,

    I just wanted to share that I too am a now 29 year old lung cancer patient, currently NED as well. I really relate to your story and I think it is so wonderful of you to share your story and show the world that young active people who don’t smoke get lung cancer too. I have two small children(1 and 3) and it has been an incredibly difficult journey so it is helpful to read about other people’s journeys. Just thought I’d share. I’d love to chat more if you are interested. Thanks! Take care.

  15. Emily, My husband was operated on By Dr.Flores.he had kidney cancer 5 yrs. ago that metastasized three years later in his lung.Dr. Flores is one in a million. My husband is one year out from successful surgery cancer free. How lucky you both were to have Dr. Flores as your Dr. He is such a warm, caring and bright man. He got us through a whole year of waiting for the cell to grow so he could remove it. He is tops on our list. Maybe one day we can all meet when they honor this great Dr. Mt. Sinai is lucky to have him.

  16. Emily, Dan “winty” told my mom about your story/blog which she passed on to me. Coincidentally, I am starting my own blog and am inspired by the willingness you have to tell your inspirational and personal story. Seeing how many people are pulling for you, I realize some times tragety strikes an idividual but effects many. Your fight has empowered others to face their own struggles, I’m sure. Praying for you, Tom.

  17. I’m moved to tears by this blog and your fantastic spirit. Sending love, support, and a salute to your bravery. Stumbled across this researching Dr.Flores, who I am going to see tomorrow. I have a different and much less serious problem, but it is good to know I will be in good hands should I end up needing a surgery.
    Sincerely, Michele

  18. Hi Emily,

    Good to hear that you are Cancer free now. I live the other side of the world in India. One of my close friend shared your blog and let me tell you after reading this, U r real inspiration to all who are battling with cancer. Infact am also one of the those who is still battling with it. I am 37 yr old , and in 2011 I got diagonsed with Ovarian Cancer. With 6 months of chemo n radiation, it didnt subside and ultimately I had undergone radical hystrectomy with BSO in Mar’2012.I always loved n fond of kids and decided that after marriage I would bear atleast 3 or more but God had other plans for me and in this life time I cannot become a biological mother. After two months of post surgery they detected the tumor spread to Left Kidney and again I underwent Nephrectomy in Jul’2012. Still on chemotherapy and hope to become alright with so many organs removed… 🙂 Wish to get rid of all the medication in the next few months or so. Even I had been very strong and still being with the same positive spirit and hope to get thru all this very soon.
    U take care. U can reach me anytime on my personal email.

    Lots of luv,

    • Hi Emily,
      Hope you are doing fine. I read your recent post on Papaya leaf. Infact there is another natural remedy available which is used across the globe. Even am taking it. It is similar to theone what you are taking right now. The fruit is called Soursop and its leaves are very helpful in eradicating cancer natually. Atleast it stops the growth of the cancer cells. Please refer to the website for more details. I hope you can benefit with this as well. Just wanted to share so that who ever visits your blog can get benefit of the same and recommend to their dear ones who are battling with this dreadful disease. 🙂 Bye n look forward to hear from you about your recovery.

  19. Hi Emily! Stumbled on your site while looking up Dr Raja Flores. I’m a final medical student from Sydney who just recently finished an elective at Mount Sinai where I worked with Dr Flores. Words cannot describe how your journey with cancer and Dr Flores inspired me. Looking at the your photos taken in that great hospital tells me that you were in the best hands. All the best for your future!

    Sean Luke Goh

  20. Emily and Miles,

    As appears to be the case of many who have come across this blog, we don’t know each other. But we could!*

    During a conference call today with the Scripps annual fund volunteer team, your thoughtful friend Emily Buskas told us about you and emailed out a link to your blog.

    Despite what I can only imagine is bound to be one of the most trying times in your lives, it is wonderful to see how much support you seem to have( and how much Claremont love!)

    As part of the Claremont community, I pray for your speedy recovery and am inspired by what I have seen posted here about the two of you and the family and friends who so obviously love and care for your both so deeply.

    I’ll be anxiously following your recovery and hoping only the very best!!

    Margo Parks , Scripps ’09

    *I grew up in Sacramento, went to school with Miles’ cousin, Kelly, and am a proud Scripps alumna, ( thanks to SAT prep by Emily Taylor).

  21. Emily, i miss seeing your smiling face around here! You encouraged me so much as I stressed about my foot surgeries and hobbled through recovery. I always appreciate you for that. I want you to know that I think of you often and keep you in my prayers. I do hope that it is not long before you come back and see us in Pasadena. That is a WHEN, not if!

    Fight like a girl!!!


    Andrea Mack

  22. To Emily…. Such a BEAUTIFUL and STRONG young woman you are! … I myself am a survivor of MDS (Myelodysplastic Syndrome). It’s a blood cancer. I’m nearly 7 yrs out. Doing well, but my hair never came back very well. The man I was dating at the time left me and told me I was no longer beautiful WITHOUT my hair…. he was CRUEL to me and abusive thus my recovery was extremely difficult and sometimes I wanted to die to end the emotional HURT… I still have bouts with depression and anxiety here and there, but surviving… This man made me feel BAD about myself, thus I am afraid to date at times feeling like will anyone truly ACCEPT me… I’m so HAPPY for you that you are doing well and you have someone SPECIAL in your life to be by your side….. May God continue to bless you with GOOD HEALTH.

    Hugs and love,

    Lynne Marie 🙂

  23. Sending big healing love! My daughter Gabby had a lung removed also (she is 12 now)It was a bit rough, but she is healthy and strong like you! She just made the soccer team! Healthy and Strong!
    XXOX Dana Simi-Wilson

  24. Hello! Don’t know either of you personally, but found a link to this site from the Lung Cancer Alliance FB page. Enjoyed reading through your blog, there are some similarities from my situation as we’re both have a young, athletic, nonsmoker dealing with lung cancer. In my case, my husband found a mass in his lung on 10/04/12. He had never smoked, was a marathon runner and triathlete, and turned 36 ten days later. Enduring several biopsies with no clear diagnosis, they eventually removed the upper half of his left lung, containing the entire tumor, and a few weeks later we had a stage II nsclc diagnosis. We are extremely lucky it had not spread. However, we know how aggressive lung cancers are, so he is at the end of 4 rounds of aggressive chemo. He is beating this thing, and I can see him completing an Iron Man someday, with his 3/4 remaining lung capacity!
    I just started a team in the Lung Cancer Alliance’s Breath of Hope Walk in San Diego on April 28th. Anyone is welcome to join the team, which raises funds for lung cancer awareness, support and advocacy. Team name is: U.s N.ever G.ive up!
    Love Emily’s spunk, strength, and positive attitude! Cancer doesn’t stand a chance!

  25. Emily,

    So long ago, on a warm sunny day, outside the Moscow Junior High gym, all of us volleyball players loaded up the bus to head to an out of town game. I grabbed a seat next to the window, and waited for everyone else to board. And who of all people sits next to me? The most popular girl in school (for good reason – so outgoing and so ridiculously pretty!) I remember thinking, she’s the kind of girl that everyone (including me) wishes they could be. As my stomach growled, I looked out the window, and she grabbed her snack bag full of goodies to munch on. I immediately thought, I knew I forgot something, food. But I figured, it’s ok, I can tough it out. She looks at me and asks, “Are you hungry?” My reply, “Yes, but I forgot to bring a snack, no biggie though, I’ll get something later.” Then, she hands me her entire snack bag and says “Here, take it.” I of course say, “No, no, that’s your food.” But she doesn’t take no for an answer. She puts the bag of snacks in my hand, then turns the other way to talk to another player about class, etc. In that moment (as I ate each morsel of food), I thought, who does that? Who gives up their own meal/snack to someone else without thinking twice? Amazing I thought. Talk about sacrafice. Oh and her name? Emily.

    I wanted to wish you good luck for your operation on Friday, and I will be praying for you, as I have been throughout your journey. Your positivity, strength, and bravery inspires all of us to to be a little braver and a little stronger. Your support system (very very large support system) is a blessing beyond measure. But, of course, it’s no wonder why everyone is cheering for you. When someone kicks butt like you do, you’re going to acquire quite a following. Good luck Emily!!!!

  26. Miles and Emily-

    I work for Garland (in the IT Dept.) and met Miles at his first conference a couple of years ago. I just got back from this years Sales Conference in Puerto Rico, and watched an incredible video about your story – put together by the Image Works team as well as hearing an emotional/powerful speech from Dave Sokol. You guys have been on my mind and heart since…… Please know that you guys will continue to be in our prayers – I know the entire Garland family is pulling for you, as well as the Schulz family. Stay strong, stay positive, lean on God, and lean on others for strength and help.

    With much love and prayers,
    Ryan & Kasey Schulz

  27. Emily, so sorry you and your family have to deal with this, but you are the girl to beat it. I often tell my daughter, April, about you and Stinky. She always has her cat curled up on her bed, and it reminds me of you. Stay strong, and feel our good thoughts. Best of luck, Heidi and Mike Casten

  28. Hi Emily and Miles. I am glad that the water is useful. I’ve been sending Essentia 9.5 pH Drinking Water, 20-Ounce (Pack of 24) for a couple of months. I’m not concerned but can understand how you might want to know where the water is coming from so I tried to redo the subscription as a gift but it doesn’t allow that so I’m sending a note. It ships on the 3rd of the month. I hope you received the packages from Amazon which were due to arrive this past Thursday as well. There should have been 4. One from Sony, two videos and cables. Let me know if there are any issues or if you’d like to change anything and I’ll arrange it.

    Congratulations on your success and great health:)

    XOXO Deb Tamburri.
    Emily T’s Godmother:)

    • Thank you so much, Debbie! As the latest post shows, the waters are SUPER helpful – thank you so much! And yes, we did get the other packages the other day – SO sweet of you! We are really excited to watch those DVDs on our new player!! Many thanks for your kind support 🙂

  29. Em darling – saw the latest blog about the water and hope you got our gift pack of hydrating electrolites from Chi-town last week. 🙂 I am smiling picturing you guzzling those liters down! Our whole family is rooting for you and are celebrating the latest full-body scan victory! What incredible news and proof that family, fight, faith, and fortitude will prevail. Sending our love and support one liter at a time.
    Cheering you on, Emily (Dressel) Hampson

  30. Hi Emily,
    I am so sorry to hear what you have been going through. My name is Karen Angeli and I have known your mom since preschool. We grew up together in Sylmar. My husband who knew your mom and dad passed away in 2008. He needed a liver and a kidney and was in quite a fight for 2yrs. But on a lighter note I have a 24yr. old daughter who and they say things happen for a reason she was attending UCLA which is the 2nd highest rated medical hospital in the US when she found out she had a very rare hormonal tumor in her abdomen. From the time they diagnosed her until she had surgery to remove it it was 20 centimeters which is about 9in. We did not know until they removed it if it was cancerous or not. Her doctor came straight out from the surgery room to where we were anxiously waiting to tell us the piece they diagnosed was not cancerous but it was so large they would have to send a larger piece to the lab before they could say 100%. It seemed like forever before we finally got the news that as he thought it was not cancerous. She will be following up with an oncology gynecologist for a long time. So far so good. I can’t believe all the support and the upbeat attitude you have. It’s so inspiring. Oh I forgot to mention your mom and I remained very good friends all through high school and I was in her wedding. Good times over at the Dick house with all those girls and all their 4H animals. I used to love going over there so much when my mom would come to pick me up I would beg to stay longer and then my mom and Shelley’s mom would start talking because they were very good friends also and I would get to stay longer. I will definitely be praying for you and sending money to help with your expenses that are not covered by insurance. It sounds like you have some great doctors and lots of computer gurus doing research for you. My brother was diagnosed with prostate cancer 3yrs. ago and he has had ups and downs so try not to get discouraged which it sounds like is not in your personality. He just recently got an all clear report. I will also be praying and thinking about your mom and the stress and worry she is going through right now. She needs a lot of support right now too and I want her to know I am here for her if she needs anything. The first thing I thought of is your story is a little similar to my daughter’s in that things happen for a reason and you happen to be going to school in California near great hospitals and top notch doctors. I know you don’t know me but it doesn’t matter I am a mother and that’s all it takes to relate to you and what your parents are going through. Shelley I love you and will keep you and your family in my prayers. Love, Karen

  31. I am a volleyball player, I love playing more than anything in the world! I recently found out that my hero, in volleyball and in life has lung cancer! I believe in you and keep fighting! You can do this! Kick Cancer’s Butt!!!
    The Volleyball Community

  32. Hi Emily-
    I’m not sure if you remember me… My grandparents Richard and Marilyn Moore lived across the street from you in Moscow! I’m Sarah Merrill Wagner 🙂 We used to play together during those hot summers when we visited!
    I was just at their house today and they told me the news about your battle with lung cancer. I was so shocked to hear, but I have read up on your updates and it sounds like you are doing incredibly well!
    I wanted to get in touch with you to see how you were doing and also to share a story about my cousin. My cousin is 31 yr old female and an athlete just as you are 🙂 Back in June 2011 she kept going to the doctor for a persistant cough. She was training for a marathon. She went in and they said oh you have asthma. She requested a chest xray but they denied her. So she went home still not accepting that’s all this cough and pain was. She went back and demanded a chest xray. Well they gave her one and turns out she had stage 4 adenocarcinoma of the lung. She was the picture of health never smoked a day in her life and had never been around anyone who smoked. We couldn’t have been more shocked! As i’m sure was your reaction since you were an active healthy athlete.
    In Jan 2012 she had a PET scan and found that she had no signs of cancer! It was a miracle especially since the doctors said there was no way she could go into remission. Unfourtuanly it came back in Novemeber 2012 and she is in round 2 of chemo and beating it like a champ! She refuses to let this stupid cancer win!
    I tell you this becauase i couldn’t believe that i know two people, healthy as could be, who both were diagnosed with lung cancer!
    I was hoping maybe if you were willing i could get you two in touch with eachother. I know that it is nice to know someone who is going through the same thing.
    I’m so glad to see that you are beating this! I will be praying for you 🙂 I hope you remember me otherwise i’m going to seem like a nut 🙂
    Sarah merrill Wagner

  33. Hi Emily and Miles… You don’t know us (Lili & Bill), but we are friends of Miles’ Mom. We LOVED your posting entitled “Emily Gives THANKS!”. What a BEAUTIFUL story of all of the things that Miles is doing to make you strong and healthy again. My husband, Bill, has said that you, Miles, have set the bar VERY high for him, if I were ever get sick. So keep it up, make Emily stronger than ever, and hopefully, I never live the day where Bill has to prove his love for me by outdoing you! P.S.. I loved the jar-lid demo!

  34. It was so wonderful to see you at thanksgiving, we keep track of your progress and send you healing thoughts and prayers – Ricky, carol and conrad

  35. Go Emily Go! You have the right attitude and heart to beat this. I have a form of lung disease that has no cure and what you are going through is very frightening. Show your lungs who is boss – I do it and it is working. Face your challenge and you will win.

    • Steve – “cure” is a tricky word in this whole cancer realm. Don’t let anyone tell you something is impossible, though – I always say “I am my own statistic” – and you are, too. Keep fighting!

  36. Hi Emily,

    I have a quick question about your blog, would you mind emailing me when you get a chance?



  37. Emily and Miles –
    I just want to send positive thoughts to both of you during this time. If there are any people that can get through all this it is the two of you together. I hope bright days are in front of you and wish you all the best. I have the utmost respect for both of you as people and as competitors so do your thing and beat this!

    -Justin Blackwood

  38. Emily it was always a pleasure coaching against such a great role model, competitor and mostly person. You are a true inspiration to many. It was fantastic seeing you last night at the CMS match – you look amazing. I have every confidence you will conitnue to succeed at kicking your cancer and am so honored to have our team joining your fight. All my best to you and your family and I will look forward to seeing you again soon!!!

    Valerie – PP VB

  39. Hi Emily, I’m a friend of Erin Hurley here in Central Oregon. I will be thinking about you EVERY day! Be strong. BD

  40. Hi Emily – Hope your week is a great one – stay focused on the goal – will power can do amazing things beyond the science, don’t forget that! God Bless.

    Dave Sokol

  41. Emily and Miles, you have cheerleaders in AZ from your CMC volleyball extended family you haven’t ever met…what a team of amazing doctors and support you have surrounded yourselves with to CRUSH this cancer!!!!

  42. Thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family. I am also a LUNG CANCER survivor……And while I don’t know what the future holds for you or me, I know I am cancer free. And, I know I have a life to live and no time to waste on “what if’s”…..I still have my version of “chemo lite” and and look forward to the day that you and I can both look at this like a bad memory that has given us the gift of insight. You and I will ROCK this….Marie S Miller

      • Hey Emily, my name is Kaylynn and from Coeurdalene Idaho who was diagnoised with stage lV Lung Cancer June of 2011. I was 29 and working on doing a full marathon, so I was active and in good shape, also a non-smoker. I also have 2 kidos age 4 and 6 now, so they keep me busy. I went through 6 rounds of chemo Carbo, taxol and Avastin and with the help of prayer all of my tumors were inactive and shrunk down to nothing! I had cancer through my right lung, in my rib cage and hip bone. They have keep me on Avastin up until now and just Yesterday they told me one tumor has started to grow 4mm but nothing anywhere else. They have given me an option to start clinical trials which is scary but could help. I ran into a friend of yours in coeurdalene Idaho and she felt like your blog would be a good thing to look at. It did help because I sometimes feel alone with this disease and that this shouldn’t be my life, I am sure you feel the same. But I just keep looking up and having a positive outlook and keeping active will only help! You are in my prayers and it is nice that we can feel like we are doing this journey together. Lets kick this cancers BUTT!:)

  43. Dear Emily and Miles,

    Your story is inspirational and reminds me of another incredible woman I know who shares your attitude toward kicking cancer. Her name is Gloria Borges and she founded the WunderGlo Foundation. She’s on her 34th Round of Chemo and her attitude reminds me of yours, a determination to kick cancer’s ass with strength, love, laughs, and a whole lot of family and friends thrown in between. I thought you might enjoy her blog:

    I will be sending lots of good thoughts, prayers, and CMS love your way!

    Katie Larkin-Wong (a.k.a. “Katie Hayes)

  44. Dear Emily, Miles, and family….I want to meet you at the Jog for Jill, Sept 16, Golden Gate Park. I have a team, MOMS, which is very small this year because I have been more involved in trying to promote Kelcey’s endeavor, and other family things. You are so beautiful and courageous and I want you to triumph!… xoxo Gretchen Harrison, mother of Kelcey (TGLR). (She is in MO tonight, survived a tornado and so you will survive cancer!!!!).

  45. Emily…
    Good luck with your treatment plan. Stay strong. I am stage IV 2 years out from diagnosis and stable. There are a lot of us survivors 🙂
    God Bless.

  46. Hi Emily,
    Just heard about your story through Kelsey. I know she is going to be pounding the pavement extra hard today for you. Thank you for inspiring me and all my friends at Jill’s Legacy. You’ve got this and know that you have all of our support!

  47. Emily,
    JZ has been keeping Melissa and I posted on your progress. It sounds like you putting up quite a fight! We have been praying for strength and peace for you since we found out and it seems like you are exuding all of those attributes through this trial. I hope that you hear those prayers (even if they are all the way from Reno, NV) every day and that you continue to be a wonderful example of strength and determination to all of us!
    Chase and Melissa

  48. Emily and Miles,
    You are in our prayers, for strength, courage and stamina!
    Life is good and we are blessed, because you are a part of our lives!
    The Baker Family

  49. Hola mi queridisima hermanita americana, sabes cuanto te quiero y aunque si un poquito lejos fisicamente estoy ahi al lado tuyo para lo que sea!!. Conociendo lo fuerte que eres (en todos los sentidos) estoy 100% segura que entre poco te sentiras tan bien que vendras a visitarme de nuevo!!!, y esta vez con tu esposo!!!. Te quiero mucho!. Ana

  50. Great seeing you guys yesterday! You are an inspiration to all of us. Emily you looked great and put on a good game face. Keep up the positive energy and let us carry any load or burden that you may have.

    Gavin Family

  51. Emily,

    Just saw this site through a facebook friend, and wanted to send along well wishes. Good luck in your fight. Having been your old teammate on the WA softball team, I know you have the pluck to beat this thing. Do it!


  52. Our daughter had kidney cancer at age 9. She is now a beautiful 28 year old woman! Our faith in our Savior, Jesus Christ got us through this. Hang in there…at a recent Relay for Life, there were so many survivors of all kinds of cancer and from all stages. Our thoughts and of course our prayers will be with you and your family. God Bless you and give you the hope that only He can.
    Friends of a Friend

  53. hi emily,
    i read your story and am really moved by your spirit of fighting the cancer to the end.
    My friend Hummer Ma told me about you and i am really glad that i can be the 1st one from China.
    i wish you getting better and better.
    plz remember there is a chinese across the occean who wish you all the best.

    your friend.

    Shi, Nan

  54. EmBeeeeezie,

    We love you so much. Totally random thought here, but I just found out about Mumford and Sons. Great band. Irish. I’m told they are from England but they have Irish in their souls. You and Miles have probably been drinking Guinness (Excuse me Pops Gin and Tonic) to them for years by now. If you haven’t heard of them I will come sing to you on your balcony if Miles’ promises to clean up half of Ginny’s excitements. Baby steps.

    Sarah and I pray for you two and your families every week at church. Your family and friends are so unbelievable and we are grateful to be a part of loving such a special woman. We will be here with you and remember to lean into us as you don’t have to go it alone.


    Sarah and Casey

  55. Emily and Miles, we are praying for you in Cleveland, got the entire church on the bus a few weeks ago:) Remember Emily to keep your eye on the goal and know that you will beat this thing. Looks like you have a great support group around you, what a blessing. On September 17th a number of us from Miles’ company will be attending a benefit in downtown Cleveland to help in the fight! About 35 caring folks from Garland will be attending Ohio Cancer Research Associations’ annual dinner in your honor. I’ll send you some pics. In the mean time stay positive and please let Miles know that if either one of you need anything just say the word.

    Dave Sokol

  56. Emily,

    We met years ago at CMC through JZ. Throughout these years, Josh gave me the important updates on you and Miles — the marriage, visits, etc. I always shared in his excitement when I heard about the two of you. I recently learned of your condition through Josh, and I want you to know that you have another fan/supporter in the DC area. Keep up your strength and keep fighting through this!

  57. Emily,

    I am a friend of Ashley, one of your college athlete peers in undergrad. I am never being a college athlete, but an athlete enough to make a couple of nationals in my Home country of France when I was younger. I also happen to be an 8 years leukemia survivor. All my thoughts and energy goes to you through these hard times. It will not always be easy, but we do have an advantage over regular people. We are athletes and fighting adversity is just what we learn to do so well. Good luck and feel free to contact Ashley or me if you have any questions.

    Nelly, Salt Lake City, UT

  58. Emily-
    I grew up with Emily and Miles, now live in Seattle, and have become friends with Stephanie Hammond and Roger. You have a huge support system in the Pacific Northwest that is behind you throughout this whole process. I will not pretend to know what you and your family are going through, but know that if you ever need anything, especially from a stranger like myself, it would be an honor to help.
    Sincerely, Taylor Graham

  59. Emily,

    We’ve never met but I’ve learned about your journey through a longtime friend. For starters, my heart and every ounce of strength I have goes out to you and your husband. You are beautiful, and so incredibly young to be suffering like this and I know words cannot make up for any of the agony you must be going through but i wish you all the health, happiness, and future babies possible! I am so glad to see how you all try your best to find the humor any situation, never stop smiling Emily you can do this.

    Jacy- Northern, VA

  60. Emily,

    My brother was just diagnosed with Stage IV nsclc. He is waiting for mutation results and will start chemo or targeted therapy after irradiation of single brain metastasis. He is at UCSD and likes his Oncologist and Radiation oncologist a lot as they are positive and have a plan a,b,c etc. So good luck and I hope you and Gary can beat this cancer.



    PS please post to the lung cancer group on inspire if you have not already.

  61. Emily,

    The world needs more people like you, so dammit, get this thing done and have some babies already!

    Chris (from volleyball)

  62. Hi Emily,

    My name is Ben Teller, and I am also a patient at the City of Hope. I was shown your blog by a friend of mine and they told me about your story. I am very sorry to hear. I am also going through my own battle right now, and will be having a transplant at COH in October. I started my own non-profit organization, Cuck Fancer., and we work towards helping young adult cancer patients. I would love to send you some of my lime green “cuck fancer” bracelets. If you could email me your address where you are staying, at, I would be honored to send you some. I am not sure if this is something you are interested in, but I am always looking to help a fellow City of Hope patient out. Sending you a ton of ass kicking support.


  63. Emily,
    Ken and I are thinking of you and Miles. We both have you in our hearts and will keep you in our prayers. Much love, Ken and Catherine Scalmanini

  64. Dear Emily:
    While we haven’t met, after reading this blog, I feel like I do know so much more about you. I’ve known your two favorite in-laws, Michelle and Rich, for some years and they are terrific. If I know two incredible fighters, they are at the top of the list. There is no way that they will let your cancer win! As we say in the South, Michelle will fight this until the cows come home. As odd as this may sound, you have our support and our prayers from the Washington area, in spite of all the crazy politicians in this city who cannot seem to do any of us much good. Keep fighting, and depend on your mother-in-law. Our best to you for your future.
    Chris & Rita Crawford, McLean, Virginia

  65. Emily and Family,
    I was shocked to hear about your tumor, but I have faith you’ll kick it right in the ass! It’s amazing to read all the posts and see how much love and support you have. Keep that beautiful smile of yours and I’ll keep you in my thoughts and prayers.
    Much Love,
    Ashley (Smith) Lyons

  66. Emily and Miles,
    We are friends of Colleen and Mike. I grew up in Pgh. and always admired Michele’s beautiful voice.
    Your love story is beautiful and just exactly what you need to overcome this present obstacle. We are sending prayers and positive thoughts from Kentucky. Warm thoughts also to your families and awesome job on this website Annie.
    Tony and Nancy Anderson

  67. Hi Emily,

    I am Leslie Owen’s friend and learned about your condition through her. I am so sorry to hear about your condition. I hope you can become healthy again soon! My heart and prayers go out to you and your family.

    By the way, I like this blog. It looks great!

    – Yu-Jen

  68. Emily, my heart and prayers go out to you and Ben. I have asbestos related illnesses, and have dealt with the cancer blow myself. Keep the positive attitude, for I have witnessed and have friends that even hours from what the doctors told them would be the end of their life, they cured themselves and are still celebrating over 40 years later. One of my cancers was removed through surgery, and one disappeared through hypnosis. Try everything because you just never know what will work and what won’t. Listen to your body and use the power of your mind! Hugs, Heather’s Mom

  69. Wishing you a speedy recovery Emily! It looks like you have an amazing support system around you. Big hugs to you. Looking forward to catching up and having drinks with you again in London Town :))))

    Lots of love,

  70. Emily,
    I just want you to know I am thinking of you in this difficult time. Im praying for you, my mother as well.
    “Trust in the LORD with all your heart; do not depend on your own understanding. Seek his will in all you do, and he will direct your paths.” -proverbs 3:5-6


  71. Good luck with all of the upcoming treatments Emily. I know you will do great. You were always such a strong and positive person. If anyone could get through this, it is definitely you. It sounds like you have a great husband, family, and friends there for you that will help leaps and bounds. You are in my thoughts and prayers.


  72. Hi Emily, I used to be neighbors and friends of the Taylors’. You will be in my daily prayers for complete healing and a long happy life for you and Miles! I look forward to giving God praise for answered prayers!

  73. EM!

    I’m counting down the days we will kick butt in the bowling league and make our way to a superbowl win with our steelers. I can’t wait to see you and Miles back in action organizing group get-togethers for football sundays. You are in my thoughts and I have no doubt you will beat this and pick up right where you left off.


  74. Dear Emily,

    Take your time, but we need you back on the volleyball court, jumping out of the gym and ripping balls, as soon as possible. Stay strong and be well.

    Josh Stephens

  75. we do not know one another, but am an acquaintance of janes ( annies mom). you will uplifted in my heart, as we are fellow cancer warriors! i am doing my chemo as we speak. you will be amazed at what you can do and even while you are undergoing everything, so grateful for all of the treatment out here for us. be strong, be brave. you will beat it. a friend in spirit…karen croswell

  76. You two even do cancer with panache. This website, Annie Daun, is unbelievable. What a great idea and what a terrific end product. Absolutely love the photos. Emily and Miles, you concentrate on annihilation and loving each other, and Annie, you keep doing what you started.

    Love both of you so very much, “Auntie” Colleen & Mike

    P.S. I’m liking Truck for a great nephew.

  77. Dear Emily,
    A voice from your McDonald School past that you may remember. Being the “gifted” young lady that I know you are, I know you will meet this challenge head-on and come out victorious! I am thinking of you and sending love and support. Please say hello to your mom, dad, and brother too. If you want a distraction, send me a note and I will definitely write back with news.
    Anne Klowden

  78. Wishing you a speedy recovery Emily! Just learned about this today, you and Miles will be in my thoughts and prayers.

    -Bobback Tehrani

  79. Hi Emily–

    Sending you best wishes and support! I live here in LA, and if there’s ever anything I can do to help, don’t hesitate to call. (213-342-1621)

    -Ben Miller

  80. Emily,
    Just wanted to send you some good vibes & positive thoughts for your recovery/fight! Here’s to hoping you kick some cancer ass & come out smiling! Your husband is amazing & it’s great to see the love & support you are surrounded by. Best of luck!
    -Kari Comstock

  81. Emily and Team,

    Sending you Love, Prayers and lots of positive thoughts from Colorado. Looks like you have an amazing team around you to lift you up and give you the support you need. Will be cheering for you every step of the way.

    Miki (Bohn) Tynan

  82. Hi Emily… I just found out about what you’re going through and I wanted to send some more positive thoughts your way! You got this and I love, love that you’re still staying positive through it all. Sounds like your husband is AWESOME too 😉 I’ll be checking back for updates!

    -Amanda (Klowden) Root

  83. Emily,
    We are cheering you on from the east coast!!! thoughts and prayers are with you and Miles every step of the way.
    love you guys,
    Paul and Kalyn Eagan

  84. Emily!

    Rooting for you from Bozeman, Montana. Sending strength and big hugs your way during this step in your life. We all wish we could take this from you. Instead, we’ll have to do the best to support you from near and far. Lots of love!


  85. emily! my prayers and cheers of encouragement are with you and miles! i know you guys will power through this. you are loved and an inspiration for us! keep it up. =)
    xoxo, susie kim

  86. Emi – just sent you a facebook message. I’ll be sending you prayers & warm thoughts, hang in there and fight hard, guapa! I’ll check back often! Abrazos – Winnie

  87. Hi Emily,
    So glad to hear you are at City of Hope! We are so blessed to have the worlds best cancer facility at our door steps! You are in the prayers of my entire family…..and there are a lot of us! Love, Kathy Driscoll

  88. Emily,
    We watched from the bleachers at the track down the road. We are further away watching you this time, but we are still cheering you on. Go Emily! We love you!
    The Edwards family

  89. Hi Emily! I’m sorry for not reaching out sooner although I just found out about the news & this impressive website today. You are most definitely front & center in my thoughts & prayers. I’m rooting for you & a strong recovery and I look forward to playing in a reverse coed &/or woman’s vb tourney again together (perhaps even with Maritza, Vlad & Komaki, but not with Jason haha). You are a strong, upbeat & inspirational person and I know you’ll pull through this! I’m very thankful for that special day 4+ year ago when I ran into you at the laundrymat & we exchanged contact info. Thanks for being such a good carpool buddy during our long & traffic ridden commutes to Fairfax HS for the Westside VB league. Also, thanks for the fun memories of playing flipcup at South with Turbodog beer (yuck!). Anyway keep kicking some cancer butt. Once you’re better, I hope we can get together to catch up.

    Jackie Muhich

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