Come celebrate – 4 YEARS NED!

“Hey Emily, there’s a guy here who says he knows you. His name is Ned? He says he wants to say hi, and that Miles would be totally cool with it?”

This is how my amazing Nurse Practitioner, Carrie Christiansen, broke the news that my latest scans show that I am officially 4 YEARS NED (No Evidence of Disease)!

Four years ago today, Dr. Flores performed the surgery that removed all visible cancer from my body. I just read the blog post from that day, and the comments of love and support from those of you around the country (and world!) brought tears to my eyes. I cannot express how overwhelmingly grateful I am to all of you, and to be in the position I am in today.

All patients deserve this feeling. All patients deserve to survive.

Bonnie and Emily

Meeting Bonnie Addario at my first ALCF 5k in 2012 changed my life.

That’s why this Sunday, February 12th, I’ll be celebrating 4 years NED at the Addario Lung Cancer Foundation’s 5k event in San Dimas, CA.  Come out to celebrate with me, and at the same time help raise funds so that more patients can find their NED.

Miles, Hope, Maggie and I will be in San Dimas at 9:30AM for registration, and the 5k starts at 10:30AM. Please come celebrate with us…If you can’t make it in person, consider making a donation (below) to further the ALCF’s amazing work for lung cancer patients.

Click HERE to register, then join my team, TEAM EMBEN & RICK (in honor of my recently lost dear friend, Rick Moeller).

Click HERE to donate to the cause of fighting lung cancer and supporting patients like me.


These little munchkins are ready to walk – err, “stroller” – on Sunday!

Hope to see you all there. Much love. Live in the moment.


14 thoughts on “Come celebrate – 4 YEARS NED!

  1. Congratulations on 4 years NED!!!! You deserve it!!!!!! Your story has given me hope and I honestly believe with your story you have given many people hope to continue to fight until the end and you should definitely be proud of that!!!!!!



  2. Hi Emily & Miles! My name is Nicole… I am working on an article for Healthline and would LOVE to have a chance to interview you! For more details please shoot me and email, I’d love to connect!

  3. I lost my daddy, a non smoker, to lung cancer a few weeks ago. There just isnt awarness for nonsmokers. He was hospitalized even and they just kept saying pnemonia its just pnemonia. The fluid on your lungs? Its nothing. He was stage iv before they finally looked. I know I will get to be with my daddy again in heaven some day, right now I hurt.

  4. How fabulous! Best news ever! Wish I lived closer to you and NED, but I will be with you in spirit at the 5K. Big Hugs from N. CA!! xoxox

  5. OMG…. I have tears in my eyes…… 4 years and two babies….and, of course, the love of your life….

    You are blessed little girl and I love you to the moon and back. See you Saturday….


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