The Waiting Game


On the way to LAX!

The babies are almost here!

On March 30th, I flew to Kentucky to spend the final weeks of the pregnancy with Angela and her family.  Miles drove me to the airport, and we confirmed his plans to join me when it appears the birth is imminent.

I’ve been in Lexington over a week, spending the first few days at Angela and Aaron’s home. My time has been filled playing games with their three sweet boys, and of course spending as much time as possible with Angela and the “bump.”  Feeling the girls kicking and hiccuping and moving has been absolutely surreal.


My mom caught this special moment as we were watching tv – the girls had hiccups!

My mom has come from Memphis, and we’ve settled into a nearby rental.  The waiting game has begun!  In the meantime, we’ve been making meals so Angela doesn’t need to cook, tagging along to preschool pick-ups and soccer games, and helping Angela get as much bed rest as possible by binge watching Gilmore Girls. Only 136 more episodes to go.  Thanks, Netflix!

So far we’ve had several doctors appointments, and all news has been spectacular.  The girls are developing well, and it looks like Angela will be able to carry them a few more weeks to put on the finishing touches.

I am not a person who gets overly stressed in difficult situations (see: me sleeping soundly every night since my diagnosis).  But, I think somewhere, deep inside, I have been worried about these girls. I was worried early on we might lose one, or worse, both.  I was scared they might have a genetic abnormality.  I was terrified they’d come far too early, and our first few months would be NICU visits and constant fear.


So grateful I finally go to be in a “bump” shot!

But being here with Angela and seeing all she has sacrificed for us, and how well she’s been caring for herself and for these babies, just shows me that as far as she was concerned, I had no reason to be worried at all. On top of running her household, and caring for her three (active!) boys, I am in awe of the grace she shows in carrying our precious cargo. She never seems to tire, and she always has a smile on her face.  She has treated this pregnancy with the same tenderness and love I know she gave to her own children, and that is a gift we can never repay. The gratitude Miles and I feel towards her knows no bounds, and we couldn’t have asked for a sweeter, more perfect person to share this experience with, and to bring our girls into the world.

Babies: Stay in there and bake those chubby little Buddha bellies as long as you possibly can. But know that I’m out here, just on the other side of Angela’s [amazingly-small-for-twins-and-incredibly-un-stretch-marked!] belly, feeling your beautiful movements, and just aching with excitement to see you.

Mommy loves you!!!


16 thoughts on “The Waiting Game

  1. What a great update! How can anyone not have a smile on their face after reading this? I’m so excited for you and Miles to be parents! Angela, you are amazing!

  2. And so your new life with these precious little babies will soon begin. I can’t think of any two people more deserving of the opportunity to be parents. You and Miles will do great! Thank’s Angela for giving them such a wonderful gift!

  3. To Grandma Shelley and Grandpa Kevin,
    Dean and I are SO excited. You two will be the greatest grandparents.
    All our love, Linda

  4. There are no words that could possibly describe how much joy and hope your story brings to us in the lung cancer community.

    Beautiful young woman triumphing over cancer

    Wonderful woman surrogate


    Loving family

    Advocate for us

    Etc etc etc

    Thank you!!!

    I am one of the women who met you in Denver. I am one of the Inspire crowd.

    I am a retired pediatrician. I live not far from you. I have stage IV Lung cancer–NED on Tarceva.

    I told your MIL that if you all get exhausted that I will come help too!!

    Most of us with LC are older and have other age related medical issues. We are not as able as you to advocate as beautifully as you do. I for one appreciate all that you do.

    Speaking as a doctor, I can reassure you that all expectant parents have the worries you described. You are in the home stretch.

    I pray you have a beautiful and peaceful and healthy birth.

    Again–thank you. You put joy in our hearts.

    Gale Gordon Sent from my iPhone


  5. Praying for safe, fun, fulfilling next couple weeks and delivery and beyond!
    Nancy Bell
    Taylor Bell Duck’s mom

  6. You’re going to love raising twins! We’re in Portland now with our 4-year-old twin grandsons and they are a delight. You will be wonderful parents! Keep sending updates.

  7. Tooooo cute! So excited for you guys. Will they be running the 5k in September this year (maybe in a stroller)? I hope so, cuz I will!!!! Congrats!!!!! I can’t wait to meet them. ❤

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