3 Years…NED!

Today marks a special day.  Three years ago my loving husband, Miles, chased after Dr. Flores in the ICU to ask him if my surgery had made me “NED – No Evidence of Disease.”  I held my breath – trust me, not easy with one lung – as Dr. Flores walked back into the room, and I cried tears of joy when he confirmed that yes, I was NED, and he could no longer see any cancer inside of me.  You may remember that I called this “the best day of my life.”

Em, Miles, and NED

It’s true – up until then, that WAS the best day of my life. Hands down.  Now, though (warning, I’m about to get a little philosophical here) every single day after that is my new best day.  That surgery paved the way for every day to be better than the last, because it gave me a chance to live the life that was nearly taken away.

I love this anniversary.  It reminds me of where Miles and I have been, and how lucky we are to be where we are now.  It provides us with a concrete measuring point to look back on that first year mark, and then on the amazing developments that were made possible by turning two years NED.

COH speechYesterday, exactly 3 years after my surgery date, I had an incredible opportunity to reflect on the past three years, as I shared my patient story at the City of Hope Leadership Update summit.  City of Hope is so near and dear to my heart, and I’m infinitely grateful for the chance to publicly thank Dr. Karen Reckamp, RN Carrie Christiansen, and the entire City of Hope team.


And finally, just because I can’t resist…the latest picture of our beautiful Angela!  She’s doing such a great job growing these little zucchinis! Can’t believe we’ll already be at 27 weeks tomorrow!

Much love. Live in the moment.


9 thoughts on “3 Years…NED!

  1. Happy 3 year NED Birthday! You are a walking, talking, BREATHING miracle! Thank you for turning your fight into a life passion to help others. You’re inspiring other cancer patients and opening the eyes of doctors. These are two very lucky “zucchinis!” 😉

  2. Emily….and Miles..3 Years!!!…and so many,many more to enjoy together…with your girls…..you give so many such hope….Love XXXX

  3. Congratulations on three years, Emily! Very happy for you and your man, Miles too. Great to see the “zucchinis” as well. 3 months to go!!

  4. Congratulations Emily! Time sure flies faster when you’re living than when you’re dying! Keep that NED sign handy…you might even want to get it laminated. You are gonna be raising that up every year for many, many, many years to come!!!

    Scott & Mindy

  5. Dear Emily and Miles……All I can say is this. I met you when you were just diagnosed….You and about 150 people came up to San Francisco to participate in our 5k run. You were scared, overwhelmed and full of apprehension….It all hadn’t sunk in yet. For me it was Love at first sight.
    Today it is living proof that ‘Miracles do Happen’….. I can’t wait to see those babies and the wonderful life you are going to give them…….not looking back….. Just forward. But remember that you are responsible for continuing to tell your beautiful story so we can pay this amazing prognosis forward TOGETHER. I love you young lady more than you know……Your story gives people HOPE and HOPE gives people the will to LIVE and FIGHT……. xoxoxoxo

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