Reaching new heights…I’m on a billboard!

Check out this CBS LA News piece that aired yesterday (click on the video below)! Honored and grateful that CBS is shedding a light on young lung cancer by highlighting me and my friend, Sandy Jauregui-Baza.  We are both hopeful that this piece will help increase awareness for all lung cancer patients.  Thank you to the Bonnie J. Addario Lung Cancer Foundation (ALCF) for sponsoring this billboard campaign!

The ALCF’s billboard – I can’t believe we are up there!



11 thoughts on “Reaching new heights…I’m on a billboard!

  1. Congratulations Emily! I’m so proud of the strides you are making in the ongoing fight for young people with Lung Cancer! Your fight is near and dear to my heart, as my brother Fred Marcus MD, was a non smoker too, and would be proud of this accomplishment as well! That was b his hope as well as V his fight for all Cancer diagnoses. . You have beat the odds!

  2. Wow Emily, this is fantastic!!!! I posted on FB but didn’t say I knew you. Not sure how that works with HIPAA.
    Have a wonderful Christmas!!

  3. Emily – LOVE the billboard and you did such a wonderful job on the televised piece. So grateful to have you out there spreading the word (and miss you on the board – any chance of you coming back?).

    Hope your holidays are as lovely as you are.



  4. thank you for being a friend to Evelyn and Neil
    I hope your bill board wil attract many people to donate to this worthy cause
    solo schiffman(Neil’s Mom)

  5. Emily — I am so proud of you. You are helping to save lives and you are an inspiration to all. Plus, as always, you are articulate and you look beautiful! The billboard and the video will increase awareness for both patients AND doctors.

  6. Your personal story, the billboard, the message — all I can say is WOW and thanks soooo much for carrying on the fight for the many patients, families and caregivers who have looked lung cancer in the face. Your faces bring a new urgency to the fight and truth to the reality that ANYONE CAN GET LUNG CANCER!! xoxoxo

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