9 thoughts on “…and the VIDEO LINK!

  1. I am Angela’s sister in law and have been following your blog for a while. I couldn’t watch this without tearing up. So excited for your family to be able to experience such a wonderful blessing.

  2. Dear Emily, I have followed your postings from the beginning of your journey. I remember you as my bright, enthusiastic G/T student and I am thrilled to hear that you will be embarking on the new journey of motherhood. I look forward to hearing more wonderful news as you begin this next chapter of your life! Love, Anne Klowden

  3. So beautifully and eloquently delivered! Praise God and all those He put in your care. Words cannot express how truly happy I am to hear of your most recent news about motherhood. Been waiting anxiously! You will be an awesome mom, no doubt about it! And with Miles by your side your son to be child will be truly blessed! Hugs from the Burgh!
    Lee and family,

  4. Emily,
    Thank you for doing a wonderful job at representing all lung cancer patients to this group of physicians and in all the other ways too. You were so graceful as you poured out your heart and told your story. Even though I follow your blog and have read about this before, hearing you tell about your experience was very moving. My case is very similar, NSCLC stage IV with malignant pleura & lymph nodes effected. Fortunately I am EGFR + but surgery has not been an option. Your speech encourages me to press in for this with my doctors too!
    Thank you so much for all you do and the hope that you spread. Blessings on the arrival of your little one.
    I was mid 40’s when I began having symptoms of LC, but since I was active, healthy and a non-smoker doctors passed all complaints off as hormonal changes and never investigated. Keep up the great work Emily!

  5. Emily–you were a remarkable sixth grader, always very articulate and passionate about your beliefs. I was proud of you many years ago, and I could not be more proud of you now for sharing your gifts with the world. i am smiling inside and out now that I have learned you will be a mother. You are a role model for millions and will be an outstanding parent. Your husband sounds incredibly special as well. Love, Mrs. Bechinski (AKA Mrs. Roeder)

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