The Patient Perspective


This past week, I was given the honor to deliver the keynote address at the Opening Ceremonies of the World Conference on Lung Cancer from the International Association for the Study of Lung Cancer (IASLC) in Denver.  In front of about 3,000 oncologists, surgeons, radiation oncologists, researchers, patients and pharmaceutical representatives, I shared not only my story, but the patient perspective, focusing on the need for aggressive treatment and pushing the boundaries of the standard of care.

Below is a video of my speech – make sure to watch through to the surprise ending!


If you are under 40 and have lung cancer, PLEASE sign up for the ALCF’s study, Genomics of Young Lung Cancer. It is open to young patients form around the world.  More information HERE.

Much love, live in the moment.


17 thoughts on “The Patient Perspective

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  2. amazing speech EmBen
    Your such an inspiration
    I am so happy for you
    Thank you for all you do to get lung cancer recognized
    Sure miss my mom who lost her battle in 2013

    • Sarah – so sorry to hear about your friend. This is a scary place to be, and reading stories of other patients’ success really helped give us hope as we were going through it all. Your friend is lucky to have you!

      Is there anything I can help you or your friend with? I’d be happy to chat if you or her would like – but totally understand if not 🙂

      Much love, Emily 909-576-9495


  3. I work in a cancer center as a nurse and just was diagnosed with asthma 1 year ago. I started on Qvar. I am active but had collapsed lungs bilaterally as a pre-mature baby. I often wonder rather I should have CXR just due the fact of my PFT’s looking horrible. Your story really will make we ask my pulmonologist to do scans. So exicted for you and your family and so glad that you share your story it really make you think about young generation cancers. I will follow up regarding my lung issues after listening to your speech! thank you and god bless!

  4. Emily and Miles, Just had to let you know how happy and excited we are to know that a baby is on the way!   Truly so very thrilled for you both!  Congrats and please keep us all posted.

    Much love!!! Aunt Suzanne and Uncle John

  5. Oh, Emily. I have no words for the way that you made me feel listening to your story and your words of hope. Although I know your story, your fighting spirit and wonderful news at the end continue to inspire me to fight for a better future. . . Sending much love to you and Miles.

  6. Wow. You continue to inspire in so many ways, Emily. I think keeping your story in front of people and in their consciousness is really powerful! I unknowingly attended a Jill’s Legacy Rowing Event last year. It, like your work, causes people to act. You are literally saving lives! Thank you for being you.
    PS. Thanks for calling Heather V. She said it really meant a lot to her.
    PSS. Congrats on Baby Tay!!
    Sean M

  7. EmBen….That was such a wonderful speech; both the content and the delivery made me cry. I am forwarding this on to a first-year medical student and to a friend who had fourth-stage lung cancer, and has NED. I am so excited for you and Miles. Hang on to your hat! …Michele and Richard will be the most amazing grandparents…look how great EmTay and Miles turned out! Congratulations to you both! Time for some joy!

  8. Well done, Emily! It was a fantastic speech, but the surprise ending was my favorite part!! You had me crying as I sit here nursing our little girl. I am thrilled for you and Miles that your desire to be biological parents is becoming a reality. Much love from Denver!

  9. Emily, what a beautiful speech. Spoken with honesty and strength to tell your story. You will continue to make an impact with others who may need to hear your words. And I am thrilled for you and Miles becoming parents!! All the best to you-

  10. Emily…you touched on everything….you did such an amazing job…telling your very touching and thought provoking…I watched it twice!….and the ending…I knew..already …but I still cried those happy tears!…the ending is the beginning. I am so happy for you,Miles and the family…Thank you for spreading the word….Im sure you opened many eyes at that conference….to look at their patients in a different way…to think…”outside of the box”.

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