A Lost Survivor

Today, I am heartbroken over the loss of a fellow lung cancer friend.Paul and Cady

Last night, Paul Kalanithi died at the age of 37.   Paul was a renowned neurosurgeon at Stanford, dedicating his life to saving the lives of his patients. Lung cancer, though, reversed his role from doctor to patient, and then eventually took his life.  Paul passed away last night while holding his 8 month old baby girl, Cady, and leaving behind his amazing wife, Lucy.

I met Paul and his wife in November at the Addario Lung Cancer Foundation’s San Francisco Gala.  He was a shy, courageous, loving man.   We stood next to each other on stage when survivors were honored.  We had just met, but we were fighting side by side. Today, I am beyond saddened by the news of Paul’s passing.


I am always reluctant to press upon you all to donate or give to the cause.  I already feel indebted to everyone who reads this blog for what you have given to me in my fight.   However, in Paul’s honor, I am compelled.

I ask all of you to support a cause to stop this disease from stealing any more patients like Paul Kalanithi.   Like me, Paul was a young lung cancer victim.  The Genomics of Young Lung Cancer Study (GoYLC) is specifically geared to study young lung cancer, with the goal of scientifically determining the cause of the disease, as well as how to defeat it.  It is a revolutionary study.  And most importantly, it could have saved Paul’s life.

The GoYLC study is now up on crowd-funding site Consano. Even $20 will make a difference. Please click HERE to donate.


More Info on GoYLC:

If you are interested in learning more about the study, ALCF held an Adolescent Young Adult speaker series 2 weeks ago.  I was a participant, along with other young lung _DSC0025cancer patients, Corey Wood (23 years), Sandy Jauregui-Baza (31), and Chris Draft (lost his wife, Keasha, at age 33).  You can click here to see a recording of the live streamed event in which we reveal our stories and emphasize the need for this type of research, while Dr. Barbara Gitlitz carefully explains the science behind the study.


4 thoughts on “A Lost Survivor

  1. Stay motivated and strong, Emily. This indiscriminate, hateful disease must be stopped. The work you and Bonnie and so many others are doing is incredible. Sending thoughts of peace to the Kalanithi family…

  2. This is beautiful. Lucy actually contacted me last week about getting him some additional help.

    Just breaks my heart.

    Love you.


    “It always seems impossible until it is done” -Nelson Mandela

    Bonnie Addario

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