EmBen on KABC 7 News!

Big shout-out to KABC 7 News in Los Angeles for getting the word out on lung cancer! They interviewed me, Bonnie J. Addario, and Dr. Barbara Gitlitz, one of the lead researchers on the Genomics of Young Lung Cancer Study, while we were in Huntington Beach, CA for the PER International Lung Cancer Congress.

I think the piece turned out great – please watch HERE, and if you agree, post a comment below the video on KABC 7’s website to say how much you appreciate the coverage on lung cancer, and to ask for MORE!

EmBen KABC 7 interview 8.1.14

EmBen being interviewed by Denise Dador, of KABC 7 News Los Angeles.



2 thoughts on “EmBen on KABC 7 News!

  1. Emily, You look beautiful and strong! The KABC 7 report on Young Lung Cancer was very clear..you were excellent! You are so fortunate to be healthy now and representing this fight for research and knowledge and cures. Congratulations…gh

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