Healthline’s Best + 200K is a website dedicated to improving health through information.  It provides readers with various health content promoting healthy lifestyles, disease prevention, and other relevant information for people looking for answers to their health questions.  This past week published a list of the Nine Best Lung Cancer Blogs of 2013.  Guess which blog made the list…

EmBen Kicks Cancer!!!!

The blog was started a year and a half ago to provide information on Emily’s condition to relatives and friends to ease the communication burden on her immediate family.  As doctors formulated the best course of action, the blog was used to raise funds for fertility and cancer treatments.  However, as her journey progressed, the blog evolved.  Eighteen months later the blog has now been viewed in over 120 countries.  This past week EmBen Kicks Cancer surpassed the 200,000 view mark!!  We are thankful for all of the support, and so very happy to be able to extend help and hope to others battling this disease.

5 thoughts on “Healthline’s Best + 200K

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  2. Congratulations sweetheart. You should be so proud.

    Not everyone responds to blogs but they read, absorb and take action.

    Information can be life saving. Chronicalling your journey has no doubt helped many people. I am so happy to know you and have you on our team!

    Did I say LOVE you too!!!!!

    Can’t wait to share the stage with you in San Diego.

    Please have the most wonderful Christmas of your life.

    I will be thinking about you!!!!!

    MWAH !!!!!


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