Ho Ho HOakdale

Last December after her 6th round of chemotherapy, Emily and Miles hosted “Deck the Halls of Brentwood”, a wildly successful holiday party at their apartment in Brentwood.  Now that they own a home on Oakdale Ave in a neighborhood known as Candy Cane Lane, it was only fitting that Emily and Miles host “Ho Ho HOakdale” and try to outdo their own holiday spirit from one year ago.

Emily tapped back into her holiday Pinterest board and prepared an incredible spread of festive foods that could make even the most gluttonous elf feel full all the way to the tip of his pointy little ears…

HohohOakdale Food

Miles took the lead on entertainment and made sure that between the music, the games, and the photo booth with props, there was never a dull moment.  All attendees were required to wear their most festive holiday sweater or costume.  Side note – if you want to know what constitutes top notch holiday costume please see Nate Folk, aka The Grinch.  He was a regular celebrity on Oakdale Ave as the cars that were driving around to look at the holiday lights would stop and entire families would pour out to take photos with him.

HohohOakdale Friends

Party goers also braved the bumper to bumper traffic that was inching around the neighborhood (seriously, it looked eerily similar to the 405 freeway at 5PM..) and went for a late night stroll on foot to check out the holiday displays.  Needless to say, the houses on Candy Cane Lane did not disappoint.  It was almost possible to hear the electricity meters humming in overdrive as millions of colorful lights twinkled, snow flurries flew in larger than life inflatable snow globes, and robotic reindeer pulled Santa around.

HohohOakdale Decorations

Overall it was a fun and festive night to celebrate good friends and good health this holiday season.  If you are in the neighborhood, or flying overhead, keep an eye out for Miles’ and Emily’s house – you will be able to identify it by this special light display on the roof…

Holiday Hope

3 thoughts on “Ho Ho HOakdale

  1. I love how last year “candy cane lane” was the route to steph and roger’s and now they live on the real candy cane lane! 🙂

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