NED is Here to Stay

I [Miles] am all about monogamy, but EmBen can have as much NED as she wants.

The past three months have been focused on recovery from surgery and radiation.  Each day, EmBen has challenged herself physically and mentally to increase her lung capacity and overall energy level.  The improvement has been noticeable and remarkable, and with that comes such promise of long-term health.

But yesterday (Monday 8/19) we had a CT scan.  The date has haunted me all month.  It is a reminder that her health is hardly safe.  So, despite my confidence in EmBen, and despite her incredible determination and focus, I have been crippled by fear the past week.  It is a common reaction and known as “scanxiety” in the cancer community.  For me it entails not sleeping, not eating, an inability to work (sorry Garland!), and a general all round physical meltdown.  For EmBen, it simply means enjoying another day of life (sometimes I wonder if she is still human).

So after anxiously waiting the past 24 hours, we just received word that EmBen continues to be cancer free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Her love affair with NED is showing promise of a long term relationship.  The worrying can subside for now and I can accompany EmBen in enjoying each marvelous day.  She is the most beautiful, amazing woman and I keep falling more and more in love with her.

Much love.  Live in the moment.

Miles (and EmBen)

Cheers to NED!

Miles and Emily sure do love having NED around – Cheers!!!

26 thoughts on “NED is Here to Stay

  1. That NED is a player! We all want to share him but without letting go! A huge congratulations to one very strong, determined young woman. We all have our own path to follow along life’s journey! Some are easier than others and some are not. You have had a very rough road to go down but have come out on the other side in great form. Congrats again and may the rest of your roads be filled with lots of love, family, faith, victory and loads of dancing with NED! You are an inspiration! Stay strong and enjoy life!

  2. I am so Happy for you Emily & Miles…that’s Wonderful news ! I know what you are going through.I go for my full body scan on Sept.5,2013 after recently doing chemo,lobectomy, and 30 rounds of radiation for nonsmoker lung cancer. I am looking forward to having NED in my Life too !

  3. I just found this site (thanks, embensmotherinlaw!). EmBen’s lung cancer journey is so inspirational! The support she’s received from family and friends is amazing, and it’s clear she’s had great researchers looking for the best treatment options. I hope the pneumonectomy and radiation kicked her cancer out permanently, she continues to advocate for lung cancer for a long time, and she and Miles go on to have a wonderful life together filled with love and family.

  4. August 19th also proved to be the day for me the PET scan…NO CANCER. It must have been that the moon was in the perfect spot for good news. Your entire family and friends are amazing and we love you.

  5. Wonderful news about an amazing and brave young woman and her beyond amazing hubby. You both are truly blessed. Here’s to NED forever!

  6. I just don’t know who to be happier for…..Emily, Miles or the family and friends that have been waiting so anxiously for this news. I guess I am just going to be happy for each and every one of you. This journey has been one of team spirit, true grit and a great deal of love. I love you all and can’t wait to celebrate with you in September…….. But Emily you are one lucky young lady to have this guy by your side……. Big warm hugs all around. xoxoxo

  7. As my Dave has Stage IV LC….I have been intrigued with Emily’s brave soul and fierce determination. Emily is a pioneer and through her bravery she is speaking out for all Stage IV patients to be heard and not let a word called, “Stage IV” keep them from being able to dream of a future and have a life. Thank you Beautiful Emily and may you stay NED forever!

    Hugs, Renee’ aka/Davstar

  8. Team EmBen. We think about you guys all the time and pray for you every night. We are so lucky to witness your lives and your example of love and support with huge hearts. Congratulations. This news is so awesome!

  9. What a day! We were so confident, but still the wait was tortuous (Radiology was backed up). Special thanks to Annie Daun Meyer, this site’s webmaster (and as close to family as you can get) for posting this letter from Miles as soon as they got the results. We have been inundated with texts/emails/calls all day – so many people rooting for EmBen and wanting confirmation that she remains healthy and strong – and this site is such a wonderful vehicle for assuring you all that she is! 🙂

  10. Congratulations from N.Z! I have been following your amazing story and am soooo happy for you both. My man was to have the same surgery but we had to go another path, we too are hoping for NED after his recovery from radiation. Your news makes me feel very hopeful and whatever our result, we are grateful for each day at the moment. Long may NED be by your side!

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