Cheers to 6! Cheers to 100!

Exactly six months ago, Emily underwent an extrapleural pneumonectomy at the Mt Sinai Hospital in New York.  After the procedure, Emily’s thoracic surgeon, Dr Raja Flores, shared the incredible news that she had no evidence of disease.  They had successfully removed all evidence of lung cancer from her body.  Emily had achieved the elusive goal of NED!

Exactly 100 posts ago, this blog was launched.  It was meant to keep Emily’s close friends and family updated on her treatment and progress, but evolved into much more than that.  Friends shared it with their friends who shared it with their friends who shared it with their friends.  The blog made its way to other lung cancer patients and their caregivers.  Lung cancer is a grim diagnosis but Emily’s story is one of hope, love, and survival.  As of today, the blog has had 175,000 views from 121 different countries around the globe.  Many, many heartfelt thanks to everyone who has supported Emily along the way and helped share her story with the world.  You have not only helped Emily in her own journey to beat lung cancer, but are helping inspire other patients to achieve same.

Cheers to Emily for six months NED, and many more milestones to come!  And stay tuned – they will all be chronicled right here 🙂

9 thoughts on “Cheers to 6! Cheers to 100!

  1. I,too, have had two lobes of my lung removed in 20013. Emily has been an inspiration to me because I am much older and was in Texas when this all happened.( my home State being Kentucky!)

    I want this couple to have everything they have dream together!

  2. This is only the beginning of what Emily is going to do for and about lung cancer. Reaching so many people is saving lives. Information is power!!!!! God Bless you Emily. I love you all the way to the sky and back!


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