The Garland Company Spirit Week

GarlandMiles’ employer, The Garland Company, recently held a Spirit Week during which they raised more than $40,000.  All of this money was graciously donated to the Bonnie J Addario Lung Cancer Foundation, an organization that Emily has a very close relationship with.  Emily, Miles, and their families would like to extend a HUGE thank you to the entire Garland community who rallied to donate money and offer support.

Garland Spirit Week

Bonnie Addario also had some very kind words for The Garland Company and their incredibly generous donation to the Lung Cancer Foundation.  Bonnie’s letter is below, but the full story can also be found on The Garland Company’s Facebook page.  Please feel free to visit their page (CLICK HERE) and share your own words of appreciation for this incredible organization.

Dear Dave…. 

Miles tells me it is you I should be thanking for the amazing donation to our foundation and the event you held in our honor….Or should we say Emily and Miles’ honor. 

I am not sure that you know just how special a company you are. I am not talking about the products you sell but the ‘heart’ and the ‘character’ that your company has. They say we hire in our own image so I am thinking that the founders of Garland stated their philosophy many years ago and it has served you well. 

We have been with Emily and Miles on their entire journey with lung cancer. The outrageous diagnosis, the shock and then the ‘can do’ attitude they both have for Emily to survive. 

They speak often that they would not have had the ability to FIGHT the way they have without your support. For Miles to be able to work from any location, including hospitals, chemo rooms, airplanes and cars it was only because of you that made this possible. This type of company support is almost unheard of today… 

You have raised the bar of what a company CAN and SHOULD do in these same circumstances. Emily and Miles were able to concentrate on healing and just look at the outcome. 

You have my undying respect, gratitude and love forever! 

Thank you again from everyone here at the foundation. Please know we will put the funds you raised to very, very good use. We are launching a Young Lung Cancer study in about 60 days with people like Emily in mind to see if we can find a new bio marker for this sector of lung cancer that might have a drug in another cancer that can be used in this one. That is the simple version! 

With much gratitude for all you did for both Emily and Miles and what your funding will do for lung cancer. 



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