Happy Birthday Emily!!

Today is Emily’s 29th birthday.  She has been bringing joy and laughter to those around her for 29 incredible years.  Even though her 28th year brought challenges that no one could have ever expected, she met them all with an unwavering positive spirit.  We are all so happy to celebrate this birthday with Emily, and look forward to many, many more to come!

Birthday Girl

Emily on her first, second, third, and fourth birthdays

What is your favorite Emily memory from the past 29 years?  Please leave it in the comments section below along with a message for the birthday girl! 🙂


16 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Emily!!

  1. Bobby and I both thought the same thing. Emily was always smiling in our school years and a very genuine person! :). Happy birthday!! ❤ Bobby and Jenna

  2. Happy happy birthday dear Emily! I am so glad you get to relax and enjoy a healthy birthday, back at your home, with your pup and Miles. You are such an inspiration to us all. Celebrate!

  3. My most fond memory would be the Easter that I let Emily drive our 3-Wheeler on a bumpy dirt road. Emily was driving and I was on the back. We lost control and ended up crashing through a barbed wire fence and we both were bucked off. I walked away unscathed, but poor Emily had a gash on her chest on which she wears proudly now. Emily you bring so much joy and love to our family and we all love you from the bottom of our hearts! Happy birthday love! Xoxo

  4. A knock out smile and a spirit of determination that is a beacon of light to anyone in need! Happy Birthday Emily Bennett Taylor and many, many more!!!!!!!!

  5. You have so much to celebrate and I know you will treasure every minute of this day, and your forever years to come. I met you just once, last September…..you make a wonderful first impression. From your blog postings, I am inspired by your tenacity, your smile through this rugged year, your wonderful sense of humor, your beauty, your brain that would not give up researching your condition to find your cure, your choice of Miles:)…… HAPPY BIRTHDAY EMILY. gh

  6. Happy Happy Birthday Emily! You are amazing, sending lots of love your way today. You are such an inspiration to us and so many people, Cheers to 29! xoxo Love, Julie and Nathan

  7. My favorite Emily moment was the first time I got to see her throw a football. Tight spiral about 50 yards. Are you kidding me?

    Happy birthday Emily. Love, Sarah Elisabeth and Casey

  8. Happiest Birthday to you, Emily! I wonder if you have any real idea as to how many lives you’ve touched? I hope that as you recover your health and energy this next year, you will gradually realize the full extent of your impact. You inspire us all to be better partners, parents, friends, mentors, teachers, coaches, employees, etc. Not many 29 year olds can make that claim. Then tack on CANCER SURVIVOR to your list of pre-30 year old distinctions–you’re basically remarkable! Here’s to your staggering resilience and a better year ahead. Love you so much!

  9. Happy Birthday Emily!! I hope you and all the loved ones around you have a wonderful day of celebration and joy. And I hope the California sunshine provides you with a beautiful day!!

  10. When EmBen told me I was going to be a grandmother!!! Then went on to explain that she was getting Miles a dog for his birthday, and that would make me the grandma. And she was serious.

    Happy Birthday, sweet daughter-in-law. You have always made me laugh. But I haven’t seen you in almost six days. What’s up with that?

  11. The only memories I have of you, Emily, are of this last year when I became honored to know you through my daughter Dianna, as she passed your blog on to me. They are memories that will carry me through the rest of my lifetime! You have touched a part of my soul, and are an inspiration unlike any I have ever known. I thank God for putting you in my life, though unbeknownst to you, because you have changed my direction forever! Happy birthday to a simply amazing woman!

  12. Emily,
    You have so much to celebrate! Happy Birthday to you! May you have many happy healthy years. I am beyond thrilled for your NED status, and SO wish for you to live the rest of your life in good health, peace, and happiness. God bless you with every good thing! You have fought cancer with an incredible attitude, strength, and courage, which inspires so many of us who battle the disease.

    I, like you, was a college athlete (now 40 years old), never-smoker, mom of two young children, just diagnosed with Stage IV NSCLC last October. My fight has been a little different than yours so far, but like you, the athlete in me, the love, prayers, and support of many, and my faith in God has gotten me through. I will not give up on beating this.

    Thank you for making your story known. You amaze me, and so many around you! Keep smiling and fighting hard!


    • Krissy,

      Emily’s team of support is yours too. Thoughts of strength and hope and health headed your way from Team EmBen. Lots of love to you and your family.

      Dianna Graves

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