Farewell to New York

Raditation CompleteEmily joyfully updated her radiation progress on the Courtyard Marriott window to 100% complete!  She and Miles could not have asked for a more comfortable stay or a more accommodating staff.  And the only glitch, a false fire alarm that caused an evacuation and disabled the elevators on Easter weekend, let Emily know she is capable of climbing 10 flights of stairs.   Oh, and Miles’ personal best is 19.8 seconds by Emily’s stopwatch – that’s room to ice machine and back.  They remain the couple who can make a game out of everything.

ReclinerAlthough treatments have concluded, the radiation continues to work inside her and Emily will be resting a lot over the next few weeks.  Unfortunately, it will be without her leather throne, but it has found a new home.  After getting every last minute of use out of it, Miles and Emily delivered the recliner to Esperanza Center, a school for the developmentally disabled in Harlem, where Uncle Jim is the Director.

Emily was instructed to eat anything and everything possible during radiation to prevent rapid weight loss.  So despite severe nausea, she forced herself to eat and Aunt Grace worked to find new foods that Emily could tolerate.  After nearly three months of surgery and radiation, Emily stepped on the scale one final time.  The result – exactly the same weight as when she first came to NY!  But after a quick Google lookup, Emily revised that outcome.  “You have to take into account my missing lung,” she said.  “I’m actually up two pounds!”

Dinner and Desserts

The cousins also get credit as they took to baking desserts to help Emily with her weight, including John and Maire’s multiple lemon cheesecakes and caramel brownies, and Gren’s fig torte.

LaundryHave you ever wondered how much laundry two people who rarely leave their hotel room produce?  Well its enough to eventually break the washing machine.  Michele was not about to send the couple home with suitcases of dirty clothes, so Uncle Jim and Rich put their heads together and came up with a temporary solution using an old light switch they found in the basement.  Nice going, guys!

Dr. Flores

Dr. Flores gave Emily a clean bill of health at their final meeting on Monday.  Emily was able to view her latest scan and see all that was missing: no lung (kind of weird), no cancer (absolutely freakin’ awesome)!!!!

Emily has not only been fortunate to receive top notch medical services at Mt. Sinai, but also to have superior health insurance with Anthem Blue Cross.  All concerns have been handled promptly to provide her with uninterrupted medical treatment during her stay in NY.   Even though Emily no longer receives insurance through her employer, she has been able to continue her coverage privately.  A special shout-out to Michele’s employer, Buzz Wiesenfeld, who jumped in to make the initial premium payments so that Emily’s care would continue without disruption.

Celebration DinnerEmily and Miles missed cousin Deirdre and Carlos’ wedding last summer when chemo started, but they were able to catch up and celebrate at Madame Claude’s French restaurant on the eve of their departure. The farewell dinner was also a birthday celebration for Aunt Grace and Emily, both of whom are turning 29 next week.

The Taylors are en route back to the west coast now. They are traveling together to Phoenix and will then go their separate ways. Michele and Rich will fly north to Sacramento, while Emily and Miles continue west to Los Angeles.  California cannot wait to welcome you guys home! 🙂

Leaving NYHomeward Bound


9 thoughts on “Farewell to New York

  1. Sending Michele, Rich, Miles and of course Emily a BIG hug as you blow through Phoenix (our home) on your way to Cali!

  2. All the leaves are brown and the sky is grey. I’ve been for a walk on a winters day. I’d be safe and warm if i was in L.A. California dreaming on such a winters day.

    I love you LARGE and can’t wait to see u!!!! Travel safe.


  3. Mazel tov to all of you … especially EmBen. This is THE best news. Welcome back to windy California … well, maybe not windy in SoCal. I wish you continued NED and every happiness.
    Lots of hugs,

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