“I’m NED and I’m DONE!”

Emily finished her last radiation session today with a big smile and bright spirit.  She is a true champion and inspiration to us all.  Wherever you might be tonight, enjoy this video and raise a little toast to Emily, Miles, their families, and the fact that she is NED and DONE!! 😀

23 thoughts on ““I’m NED and I’m DONE!”

  1. Soooooooooooooo happy for you Emily! Colleen told me that you all will now be able to return home! A much deserved treat! Have a safe journey home! Godspeed and blessings to you both!

  2. Oh my goodness. Yes and Oh Yes. Congratulations Emily. You two and your families are unbelievable. The best insides in the world.

  3. Tonight’s video post was great! A little bit of all of us was in that joyful car 🚙!! Now onto to home in Cali 🌴and back to the watchful eye of “Drill Sargent Ginny”🐶who will be the happiest dig on the planet.

  4. oh my gosh….I am so excited for you 2 to take off for the life together that imagined. you are both such bright stars. crushing hugs….gh

  5. Emily, Miles, You are such an inspiration. I think you both have another career, Motivational speakers ! You make me very grateful that you came into my life. Hear is to your health in Irish, SLAINTE !!

  6. Woo Hoo! We couldn’t be more grateful and proud of how you’ve weathered this hurricane. We love you both! Mom, Dad and Chris

  7. Wonderful! You all look so happy (we are too)! We are celebrating with you tonight. Our house has sold and we are moving to Lake of the Pines, near Auburn (and close to Rich and Michele) in May. Just renting for now, but lake front property. You all have to come and visit us. Cheers! Eric and Janet

  8. Congratulations for weathering all that you have. I am constantly inspired by your ability to cope and the support system you have. I wish you all the best from CMS Soccer!!

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