Three Days…

Emily has been suffering from extreme nausea as a side effect of radiation [boo!].  Last week they found a medicine that finally brought the nausea under control [yay!]…and then caused her to break out in terrible hives from head to toe [boo!].  Most recently, Emily was given a new medicine to take care of the hives which unexpectedly helped her feel much better overall [yay!].  So much so that she took her first real walk outdoors since arriving in New York two and a half months ago.

It’s been a roller coaster ride but Emily is officially on the home stretch.  She just has three days of radiation treatments left – JUST THREE DAYS!!!

Three Days

Emily and Miles walk along the boardwalk outside the hotel on the first warm day of the year

14 thoughts on “Three Days…

  1. Yay!! Three more days, I know you’re ready for this to be over. You’re looking good and always great to see that smile!

  2. It’s “V” for Victory, Emily and Miles! Hope to meet you in person when you are back in CA and in town to see all of your fans at BJALCF.

  3. Three more days!! You have been through so much and every time I see a picture of that wonderful smile I am amazed at your strength. Keeping you in our prayers that you start
    to feel better soon after the radiation is over. I struggled with hives for many years and they are NO FUN!

  4. Miles is almost as tall as most of the buildings in Manhattan. EmBen is just so darn precious. You two are such a wonderful love story. Finish these 3 days and start packing your bags,
    We love you oodles and tons – Your Pittsburgh Family

  5. Three’s a charm! You look beautiful Emily and in 3 days you will feel so much better. Miles you look great, too. Be strong:). Gretchen

  6. Zofran is a great anti nausea drug and so is megase (sp?)….. the hives are an allergic reaction to the meds……The last medicine, whatever they gave her addressed both the meds and the allergic reaction. Need to stay on top of that and take the anti nausea proactively rather than retro…..Is she going to get a PET Scan before she leaves NY? Please give her a big hug for me. This is just torture for her but she is amazing……. It would be too much for most people….. Thank goodness the end is near. XOXOXO

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