Stylish Supporters From Coast to Coast

Our favorite one-lunged gal has sparked a springtime fashion trend that is taking the nation  by storm!  People have been spotted wearing their I Heart EmBen t-shirts everywhere from Maui, HI to Washington, DC.  We like to think that Team EmBen is just as spirited and smiley as its leading lady, but the proof is in the pudding.  Well here, enjoy some pudding 🙂

1_EmBen Shirts

Judy – Sacramento, CA; Azar – Chicago, IL; Brian [fellow LC survivor!!] and Braydon – San Carlos, CA; Robin, Shawna, Jasmine, and Goose Finnerty – Ventura, CA; Hatley – Idaho

2_EmBen Shirts

Rich – Los Angeles, CA; Melanie and Jim – Madras, OR; Robert and Megan – Napa, CA; Linda – Indian Wells, CA; Taylor – Claremont, CA

3_EmBen Shirts

Lindsay – Fort Collins, CO; Sarah and Andrew – Claremont, CA; Scott, Miki, and Faith – St Charles, IL; Kristin – City of Orange, CA; Collette and Boddington– Los Angeles, CA

4_EmBen Shirts

Jun – Oakland, CA; Courtney – Dallas, TX; Kevyn and Zach – San Francisco, CA; Amy – Moraga, CA; Scott and Michelle – Dallas, TX

5_EmBen Shirts

Melanie, Cindy, and Erin – Madras, OR; Aron and David – Elk Grove, CA; Dan – Seattle, WA; Cindi – McCall, ID; Shawna and Courtney – Ventura, CA

6_EmBen Shirts

Jen – Los Angeles, CA; Phil and Cheryl – Maui, HI; Mark – Seattle, WA; Sarah and Aaron – Claremont, CA; Sonja, Matthew, and Waylon – Brentwood, CA

7_EmBen Shirts

Issac and Caroline – Washington, DC; Elle – Indian Wells, CA; Sandy, Courtney, Cheryl, Larry, Madeline, Teddy, Chris, Ira, Nick, and Hector – Fort Lee, NJ; Ernie – Los Angeles, CA; Ty, Jessie, and Tiana – Santa Clarita, CA

8_EmBen Shirts

Angela – Chicago, IL; Seren – Los Angeles, CA; Neha – Claremont, CA; Lani – Las Vegas, NV; Bernadette and Lady Laura – Sacramento, CA

9_EmBen Shirts

Brittany and Hatley, ID state line; Ernie and Kathy – Monterey, CA; Sasha – Los Angeles, CA; John and Gay – San Antonio, TX; Bryan and Cecelia – Los Angeles, CA

Family in Jersey City

John, David, Brian, Emily, Colleen, Catherine, and Mike – Jersey City, NJ

Many thanks to all of the incredibly sweet (and photogenic!) EmBen supporters that made this post possible.  Also, a huge thanks to Laura for tracking, organizing, and shipping over a hundred t-shirt orders.  You all are the BEST!! 


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