Bright Spots

After a rough first week, Emily’s body is starting to adjust a little to daily radiation treatments.  Despite feeling extremely sick, nauseous, and completely exhausted 24 hours a day for days on end, the week was not without its bright spots.

Emily’s cousin Erin is a kindergarten teacher and she had her entire class write cards and color pictures to brighten Emily’s day.

Kindergarten Cards

The weekend brought a welcome reprieve from radiation as well as a visit from Miles and Emily’s dear friends Nate and Melanie (you might remember them from their incredibly animated/awesome birthing photo in the EmBen t-shirt collage).  Nate and Mel were able to spend a few hours hanging out and updating the Jersey City transplants on happenings from back home in Los Angeles.

Nate and Mel Visit

And last but not least, Emily’s good college friend Laine stopped by their digs at the Marriott with a dinner feast fit for a family of twenty.  Emily was very excited for the Scrippsie love, and Miles made sure that not a crumb of food went to waste.

Laine Visits

Emily is now in her second week of radiation treatments and not feeling quite so sick.  She even stayed awake long enough inbetween naps to burn through Season Three of “The Good Wife”.  Any recommendations on what show she should tackle once The Good Wife is done?  If so, leave them in a comment below!

30 thoughts on “Bright Spots

  1. My thoughts and prayers are with Emily, Miles, your families and dear friends! I’ve never met you Emily but I imagine your an updated, refined, female version of your amazing husband!
    My very best!
    Rick Hauch

  2. Emily, try “Call the Midwife” on PBS.
    Love hearing your progress. I’m three years post surgery / radiation / chemo and still NED. The memory of the pain and anguish will fade in time, with the immense joy of recovery taking its place. Stay strong when you can. Collapse into Miles when you can’t. Miles, vice versa if needed. ❤

  3. We liked The Americans (I heart Keri Russell). House of Cards is great. March Madness is almost here and you can cheer on UCLA – go bruins!!! 🙂 Big hugs!

  4. If you have not seen it, you should watch Friday Night Lights! It’s addictive. The end of the second season is weird because of the writers’ strike, so keep going to Season 3. Seasons 1, 3, 4, and 5 are AMAZING. It’s on streaming Netflix. Can’t wait to get my EmBen t-shirt!

  5. Some of our favorite series are “Northern Exposure” and “MASH”. Of course there’s “Star Trek”. One of Janet’s favorite BBC series is “As Time Goes By” with Judy Dench. You can always watch all of the “Lord of the Rings” movies or “Harry Potter”. Those are fun when you have lots of time. Best wishes. Love, Eric and Janet

  6. Two possibilities…. Sherlock Season 1, 2 & 3 (contemporary version – rather cool)

    and for something also very cool and a change of pace from those above: The Human Planet. (watch a episode every now and then. Many of the stories are captivating and inspiring.)

    We send our best wishes to you and Miles. We are in the middle of a battle with lung cancer as well. We are (necessarily) so involved in how to treat this disease… But I also wish more time/research would be spent figuring out how this happened (how a very health-conscious non-smoker got a smokers lung cancer) and how people might prevent it’s occurrence.

    Healing and strength.

  7. We send you warm and peaceful thoughts from sunny Arizona. You and Miles are in our prayers- stay strong but enjoy those much needed naps!

  8. Hang in there, Emily!!! I second Netflix’s House of Cards, and I like the Mindy Project if you want something to make you laugh 🙂

  9. Hi Em…..Are you drinking your Ensure???? With a banana? Sleep sleep sleep……Your body has to heal. I just finished watching 4 seasons of MadMen…….Addictive. Love, hugs and prayers coming your way!!!! xoxo

  10. Sounds like you’re on a pretty rough rollercoaster ride. Hang in there. You WILL get off. As for shows, I go with Breaking Bad. It’s wonderfully written. Mad Men is also very good. It’s about people that work in an ad agency back in the 60’s. Lots of sexual harassment, prejudice, and good old boy behavior that just passes as “the way things are”. Sex, drama, and funny too.

  11. Shameless! Beating cancer is hard work, Emily. Good thing you and Miles have never been afraid to just dig in and get the job done. Love you!

  12. I’ve been watching A Gifted Man. It’s almost addictive. We are also BIG fans of My Name’s Earl:) and Reno 911. Naps are fabulous…..

  13. While I was home stuck in a chair with a bum knee I watched Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, Downtown Abbey, Scandal, the Netflix series Houseof Cards, also worth catching up on are Shameless, Boardwalk Empire, House of Lies…ok this is now embarrassing….anyway, there is something here for everyone! I love seeing these smiles! Hugs to you both.

  14. Was also going to suggest Breaking Bad, but was already done above… It’s a little dark, but extremely riveting. Highly recommended if you can handle the intensity. I’m also a big fan of Grimm, but you can’t get it on Netflix yet. Stay strong Emily… you are going kick radiation in the teeth just like you dominated every other challenge!

    Tell Miles I am bummed about James Harrison.


  15. Go Emily!!! So happy to hear that you (and Miles too) are recovering and healing!!!! You are awesome and we are all praying for you. I would recommend the cheesy t.v. series of Gilmore Girls. I know tweeny stuff, but simple is some times fun.

  16. Ok…I am more of a book reader than a TV series junkie…until lately! The hubs and I watch Sons of Anarchy, The Following, and Walking Dead. We also have watched and can’t wait for Game of Thrones, Dexter, and Homeland to come back on:)

    I just bought season 1 of Downton Abbey, but I haven’t started it yet…we also have all the seasons of Breaking Bad, but haven’t started that yet either…if you’re a book reader, I’m your gal!

    Hang in there sis,


  17. “Shameless” is great. Hilarious story of a dysfunctional Irish-American family in Chicago with Wm. H. Macy in a tour de force role of the selfish, alcoholic father.
    Emily, you’ll love it. Miles, it may be over your head.

  18. Person of Interest is a good show, plus the show includes a gorgeous man that took me over 2 months of looking at him before the romance faded. P.s. it is not the guy with the glasses!

  19. Person of Interest is a good show, plus the show includes a gorgeous man that took me over 2 months of looking at him before the romance faded.

  20. How has no one said Breaking Bad yet? Intense, best show on TV, free on Netflix streaming, and relevant to the situation (except for the meth lab part… as far as I know?)

  21. We second Downton Abbey. Mike and I became obsessed with it and watched all three seasons in about 2 weeks. Can’t wait to see you guys in two weeks!!!

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