Tough Week + Reminder

Emily has had a very challenging week dealing with post-surgery recuperation and recovery, adjusting to life with one lung, and building her strength and stamina for the next phase of treatment – radiation.  In her words, “Not going to lie, it hasn’t been easy,” but she has been getting up every day, taking it head on, and slowly but steadily progressing towards her goals.  It helps to have an incredible family and so many other supporters behind her though.

Family EmBen Tees

Remember – Sunday (March 3rd) is the last day to order your own I Heart EmBen t-shirt!!  For the full instructions on how to place an order, please click here and scroll to the bottom of the post.  Not only are they cute and super soft, but the proceeds go to Emily’s care fund – win win! 🙂

3 thoughts on “Tough Week + Reminder

  1. Hi Emily! Mrs. Parce has been keeping me up to date. I recall you as always having amazing determination and intensity, accompanied by so much intelligence! You go, girl! I am so proud of you! Love, Mrs. Bechinski (previously
    Mrs. Roeder, 6th grade teacher)

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