We Heart EmBen!

While all of Emily and Miles’ close friends were so thankful that the two of them found an incredible surgeon who is committed to treating Emily progressively and as the unique patient that she is, we were also so very sad that this meant losing them to The Big Apple for a couple of months.  Even though they are thousands of miles away, not a day goes by when we aren’t all thinking about the two of them and sending our love and support from afar.

This got some of Emily’s friends thinking – how can we show her just how much we care?  As it turns out, this is not an easy problem to solve.  We decided to start small, and then help the spirit spread (more on that later…).

I Heart NY

Many people who leave New York come away with some sort of souvenir with this iconic graphic on it.  Well what happens when someone you care so much about goes to New York for lung surgery?  You design an awesome shirt that perfectly transforms the traditional logo into a more personal sign of love and support and send it to New York, of course!

Team EmBen 1

I Heart EmBen shirts have been secretly spreading amongst Emily and Miles’ friends and are now also en route to the two of them and their families.

Team EmBen 2

Since we all know how big Emily and Miles are on team spirit, we’d like to spread the love and outfit as many people as possible.  Added bonus – all profits from the sale go to Emily’s care fund!

So do you want to get in on this and have your own awesome t-shirt to show your support for Emily?  Yes!  Awesome, that’s what we like to hear 🙂

These are the next steps:

  • Email t-shirt project coordinator extraordinaire Laura Verbal  with 1) the number of shirts and sizes that you would like to order and 2) the mailing address where the shirts should be sent.  The shirt is a premium heather grey color, soft cotton/polyester/jersey blend, crew neck style (men’s sample here, women’s sample here), with cream colored print.  Kid’s sizes are available too.  The shirts run a little snug so if you are between sizes it’s better to order up.  You must get your order and payment to Laura by Sunday, March, 3rd at 10PM so she can place the group order.  That is one week from now – don’t forget!!
  • Send payment (# of shirts ordered x $22 each = total payment owed) to Laura’s PayPal account.  If Laura does not receive your payment, she cannot order your shirt so please make sure that it arrives before March 3rd!
  • The shirts are made to order and will take approximately two weeks.  Keep an eye on your mailbox around mid-March for your package to arrive!
  • Once your shirt arrives, take a picture of you/friends/family/pets/dolls/etc doing something fun with the shirt on and email it to Webmaster Annie.  She will compile the photos and post to the blog for Emily, Miles, and all of their friends and followers to enjoy

To Emily and Miles – we hope you like this t-shirt surprise as much as we like the two of you!

The Gang

2 thoughts on “We Heart EmBen!

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  2. Wow! What a great idea! You are all so awesome and we love you. We’ll proudly wear our shirts and send photos ASAP. Love, Shelley, Kevin and Chris

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