Dr. Flores is THE MAN

Dr. Raja Flores is a world renowned thoracic surgeon and the only doctor who was willing to operate on Emily once it was determined the cancer had moved into the lining of her lung.

On the day after surgery, once Emily was sitting up and more alert, Dr. Flores told her more about her successful operation.  He was pleased with how clean everything looked once the affected body parts were removed, and gave Emily great pride when re-living how difficult it was to cut through her strong lateral muscles (not a surprise to anyone who has seen her throw a football).  He said that because of her strength, they are able to throw a lot of harsh medicine at her, and she will withstand it and recover.  “My part was easy,” he told the family, “now Emily needs to be a warrior.  Don’t worry about the weekend or the blizzard.  I will be here Saturday and Sunday, even if I have to wear snow shoes to get to the hospital.”

Miles exited with Dr. Flores to ask a question he did not want to ask in front of Emily:  Was she NED (medical acronym for No Evidence of Disease)?

Dr. Flores responded that she is in fact now N.E.D., and that he personally wanted to go back in and tell her himself.  It was an emotional moment when he knelt down, put his hand on Emily’s knee, and told her that she had finally achieved her elusive goal: “N.E.D.”

Em and Dr Raja

Before going to sleep that night, with the lights out, Miles sat beside Emily on the bed.  Holding hands, they looked back on the past seven months and the path that led to Dr. Flores.  She sighed, “I love that man.”

As Emily drifted off, she smiled and said, “Miles…This is the best day of my life.”

Em, Miles, and NED

Enjoy this video of Emily rockin’ it on day two post-surgery.  Dr Flores may have taken her lung, but certainly not her attitude 🙂

24 thoughts on “Dr. Flores is THE MAN

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  2. Dr. Flores is indeed amazing, he operated on my dad, and used to show up at Sloan Kettering on Sundays in his jogging clothes. He is a brilliant and dedicated man.

  3. Rock on girl! Can’t stop smiling and rejoicing and sharing the great news with everyone I know!
    Love, Lee Mihelic and Family

  4. It would be hard to love this video any more!! The joy on both of your faces is infectious : ) Congrats on a successful surgery… we’ll keep sending positive thoughts your way!

  5. Emily and Miles,
    What a gift and and inspiration. My Mom 72 is battling this same disease. Thanks for sharing your journey and story. It lifts the spirits and gives us all hope!
    God Bless.

  6. Love, love, love this! And the video makes it even better 🙂 Courtney & I are so happy for you, Miles & everybody that loves you guys ~ Congrats!!!!

  7. Such a great story! My brother is going through chemo/radiation to shrink a tumor on his lung that is presently inoperable, due to size and position (Stage IIIa). His doctor is hoping to surgically remove his lung to make him cancer-free after this second round of treatment.

    This remarkable story gives us hope, inspiration, and much optimism! You are amazing Emily ~ and Dr. Flores !!! Happiness, health, and longevity to you and your families!

  8. Hooray Emily…..you are one very lucky lady, and I think Miles must feel so lucky too, to have you healthy….we hope to hear more of the happy story. Gretchen

  9. I am so happy for you. I can’t believe that you are up and dancing in the halls after only 2 days.
    Your attitude is an inspiration to everyone.

  10. Tears, smiles, inspiration, gratitude, love… You are amazing Emily! I am full and so in awe of you. Xo Azar

    Sent from my iPhone

    • You are an inspiration to ALL. What a wonderful feeling it is to be told you are cancer free. I can relate and feel your joy. ……….. You Go Girl …. My Hero

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