Lung Day

The best way to describe Emily on “Lung Day” is breathless and beaming.  Now what is Lung Day you might ask?  For starters, it is not the same thing as Surgery Day.  Lung Day was yesterday, February 7th, 2013 – the day before surgery.  Miles and Emily filled the day with activities designed to honor the lung that had served her well for 28 years before bidding it farewell.  How do you honor a lung?  You use it!

No hotel elevator for Emily, only stairs, and no taxi either as they walked to the hospital for the pre-op meeting with Dr. Flores.

Walking to Dr. FloresNext Emily danced in Central Park to “Dog Days Are Over” from the album Lungs.

Dog Days are Over in Central ParkFrom the top of the Empire State Building, Emily shouted for NED!

NED at the Empire StateThen a work out for the lung before dinner.

Working the Lung OutEmily helped with party plans by blowing up the balloons.

Blowing Up Balloons!And blew out 28 candles on her favorite red velvet cake all in one breath.

Blowing Out the CandlesThen Emily entertained everyone with a hilarious dance five minute solo to “I Cry” by Flo Rida.

DancingThe plan is to return to NYC next year for Emily’s one year check-up and do it all again, just as well, but with her newly expanded single lung.

Lung Day


7 thoughts on “Lung Day

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  2. Dear EmBen & Miles –

    Sonja and I are thinking of you today. We are sending you positive and happy energy from your home neighborhood. We are very proud of what you have accomplished over the past year and your strength continues to inspire us. We look forward to your safe, happy and healthy return to Brentwood. We are there with you in spirit and you will remain in the forefront of our minds.

    With Love,
    Matt, Sonja & Waylon

  3. Emily,
    I’m so happy to see that smile on your face and the great spirit you have. You are a wonderful role model for anyone that’s may be going through this. Miles I wish all husbands could be as loving and supporting as you have been, hats off to you and big Sis! You have a excellent support team. Keep on Dancing!

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