Emily Out Of Surgery!!!

Emily made it through surgery!  Her lung, lung lining, diaphragm, lining of the heart, and all chest lymph nodes have been removed.  There are no signs of cancer outside the lung lining.  All cancer was removed.

Emily has NO visible signs of cancer!!

According to her surgeon, Emily will be in extreme pain for next few days so please keep sending her your best healing thoughts.  But know that no matter how much pain Emily is in, nothing will stop her from smiling over hearing the words “cancer free” 🙂

Thank you all for all your support.  We’ve needed every bit of it.


Family Before Surgery

Emily and her family together in the wee morning hours before surgery.

Emily and Miles Before Surgery

Emily and Husband of the Year Miles in matching pre-surgery plaid.

Emily Before Surgery

Emily just a few hours away from being cancer free.  Simply, beautiful.

29 thoughts on “Emily Out Of Surgery!!!

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  2. Do yòu remember Ashley price? Mom, dàwn? I just heard you had cancer but nòw you have kicked it!!! I am very proud of yòu, you have accomplished alôt!!!!

  3. What outstanding news. All of our prayers have been answered. NED … how awesome.
    Any of us who have had lung cancer surgery feel for you going through the pain after surgery … it certainly is not fun! But, as I kept telling myself, the light at the end of the tunnel was well worth the pain … that light was was knowing I was NED.
    You remain in my thoughts and prayers.
    Sending lots of virtual hugs,

  4. Emily, our Wedgwood Presbyterian church is praying for you and a successful recovery. You have taken hold of this bear and wrestled it to the ground, both you and Ben

  5. So very thankful for the good news! Sending healing thoughts and prayers from the San Bernardino Mtns!! Go Emily Go!!!! Kathy & Pat

  6. Emily,

    I have followed your story since your amazing husband started blogging. Tonight, as I thought about you and your day today, I shared your story with my husband and told him how amazingly positive you have been and how awesome your support network is. Both of those things are a true testament to what a wonderful person you are and always have been. I have no memories of you as anything but sweet, kind and beautiful (and of course a kick-ass athlete). You are a true survivor and everyone that reads or hears about your story takes some comfort in the fact that you have the world’s most best man at your side. Props, Miles! 🙂 I have never doubted that in a few years, we will all be seeing friends of friends posting pictures of your beautiful babies on Facebook–you guys will be in so much trouble, those babies will be gorgeous, athletic, and so much fun! I prayed for you this morning, and I was so happy to see the post about how it all went. I will continue to pray for you and think of your family, but I know you are not only the strongest fighter out there, but a true survivor. Much much love girl.


    Genny (Godwin) Ludwig

  7. Hey Emily and Miles. We’re Mark’s parents and Brittany keeps us informed here on the Palouse. Even if we don’t know you, we can pray that our loving God will make the next few days bearable and that he will hold you in the palms of HIS mighty healing hands. The Psalms say He is your refuge and strength – I’m thankful for what he’s already done!

  8. I am so happy to hear the fantastic outcome of Emily’s MAJOR surgery. You two are both so brave….no adversity will ever be too much for you both together. I am going for a run now to use my lungs in honor of Emily and will continue to pray for her not too painful recovery. Yea NED!!!!! xoxogh

  9. Hi Miles and Emily, I am so happy to hear that Emily made it through the surgery. It is amazing what they can do. Removing the lining of the heart??Praying for a quick recovery. Give her our blessings.Ted and Ginny Folk (Nathan’s parents)

  10. YAY! Brought tears to my eyes! So exciting and so happy for you Emily and your family. The prayers continue and a few extras for healing! xox

  11. Great to hear!!! You are an inspiration to us all! Definitely a warrior/Athena. Sending you all our love, thoughts, and prayers from SF!

  12. Surgeon’s exact words: “My job was easy, now Emily needs to be a warrior. ”
    Well I think we all know how that’s going to turn out.

  13. We’re very happy to hear the great news. The worst is over. Our prayers are with you. Yay, Emily! Phi Alpha!

  14. The road to healing has begun. Strengthening thoughts to Emily and the whole family as you continue to sustain one another. Positive energy is powerful! Coming your way from CMS…

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