Complete Lung Removal: Friday, February 8th

Park View

Central Park view from Emily’s hospital room

Oh the lengths that people will go to for a Central Park view in Manhattan… Ever-creative Emily scored one by signing up for major lung surgery!  One of the reasons Miles and Emily selected Dr. Raja Flores and traveled all the way to New York to live for months away from work and friends and their little dog Ginny, is that Dr. Flores is the international expert in a surgery called extrapleural pneumonectomy (EPP).  In the event that this is what Emily needed, they wanted the best.  Plus, Dr. Flores is one of the kindest human beings to walk the earth.

Pre-Surgery Beauty

Lookin’ cute pre-biopsy

The biopsy this past Monday was to determine if Emily would have part of her lung removed, the entire lung, or the entire lung, lining, and a few extra bonus parts (i.e. the EPP).  When she awoke from the procedure, Dr. Flores was there to deliver the news.  He told Emily he had expected news and exciting news.  The expected news was that that the cancer had indeed covered the entire lung and lining, as previously diagnosed.  The exciting news was that it all appeared to be dead, a remarkable response from her six months of chemotherapy.

Evaluation Test

Emily completing one of her evaluation tests (with flying colors, obviously)

Wasting no time, Dr. Flores scheduled Emily for the big EPP surgery this Friday, February 8th.  Today, Emily will be released from the hospital where she has been recovering from Monday’s procedure.  She will then rest up for a few days at the hotel and be back to bid farewell to any remnants of cancer on Friday.

Friday Prayer Service: No matter your faith background – as long as you believe in Emily – please join us this Friday, February 8th at 6:45PM at St. Monica’s Church located at 725 California Avenue, Santa Monica, CA.

Please email Sarah at if you will be able to attend so we can plan accordingly.  Feel free to bring friends or family and encourage those who love Emily but do not live in Los Angles to join us in prayer from their homes on Friday evening.

Address Requests:  The Bennett and Taylor families are at the Courtyard Marriott Upper East Side (410 E 92nd St, NY, NY 10128) and will be there through Emily’s stay in the hospital.  Deliveries for Emily during her one-week hospital stay are not recommended until she is admitted and assigned a room.  That information will be posted here on the blog, or you can call 212-241-7383.  Please note that flowers cannot be accepted as they interfere with Emily’s breathing exercises to expand the lucky lung that gets to stay inside her.

Lung Pillow


20 thoughts on “Complete Lung Removal: Friday, February 8th

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  2. thinking of you and praying for a successful surgery tomorrow and for a speedy recovery! looking forward to your being NED! big hugs!

  3. Thinking of you today and wishing you all positive things for your surgery tomorrow. Sending many prayers your way for a speedy recovery. We miss you here at 385 E. Colorado!

  4. Emily, You’re a friggin’ ROCK STAR! Definitely an inspiration to A LOT of people! You’ll be in my thoughts and prayers for sure!

  5. an honor to pray for you, continually, and a special one on friday….keep up the good fight!
    karen croswell ( friend of jane and davids)

  6. Emily — Perhaps we met in passing in Claremont, I knew Miles (and Josh) at CMC from living in Auen freshmen year. And yet it is because of Emily Marsh, fellow Pullmanite, that I am hearing your story. It is a small world. You have made an amazing journey and I’ll be praying for you as you bid farewell to cancer and get to start a new and happier adventure. God bless!

  7. Dear Emily and Miles, I am so excited for your surgery on Friday. Maybe you tow will be the next Great Lung Runners! We are praying for SUCCESS! Big Hugs, Gretchen and all the Harrisons

  8. Emily, we only knew each other in high school but I remember thinking that you were so beautiful, and so capable. I’ve read through what will undoubtedly be a great story of determination, sacrificial love, and triumph that you will one day share with your grandchildren…..and if it’s possible, I know think of you as even more beautiful and even more capable.

    Praying for you to the One who knows the very number of hairs on our head and cares for us perfectly!
    April (Malgren) Klingler

  9. My thoughts and prayers are with you … and will be extra special on Friday. You go, girl. We are all behind you.

  10. My best wishes, Emily, for a total banishment of this thing and for your complete recovery. I have the utmost confidence in your tenacity and I know all of your great family and friends will help get you through it! xo Dino

  11. We’ll be sending you prayers on Friday for strength and courage, although we know you already have plenty of both 🙂

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