Call off the Search

Great news – Emily and Miles have secured a place to stay in New York while Emily undergoes surgery and radiation!  Many heartfelt thanks to everyone who helped spread the word, made recommendations, or put them in touch with potential leads.  Thanks to your efforts they found a place that meets all of their needs just in the nick of time – Emily and Miles board their flight to New York in two hours!

Travel safe you two 🙂

NY Bound

9 thoughts on “Call off the Search

  1. Hi Emily (and Miles),

    I’m a Scrippsie (and also an Emily), class of ’07 that lives in NYC and wanted to offer my support while you guys are here in the city. If you guys have any questions or need any recommendations/advice, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me through my email address listed. My husband and I are happy to do whatever we can, and we’ll be sending lots of good vibes to you both and to your team of doctors out here. Best of luck!

    Emily (Rees) Garnett

  2. My prayers and thoughts are with you. A friend here in Carmel is very familiar with the
    hospital and has a nephew Chief of Internal medicine. She speaks very highly of the
    hospital and your surgeon sounds wonderful.
    All the best to you and Miles.
    Hugs and prayers
    Jacquie Mc Namara
    P.S Sent some Amazon water to you a few weeks back -know it is giving you extra
    strength. This Wed. our lung cancer survivor ladies are meeting for lunch in Palo
    Alto and we will have toast for your good recovery.

  3. Hey Emily. Some might say that all the challenges and triumphs in your world have prepared you to take on this surgery. I’m sure that’s true, but I also like to think that this surgery is just one more challenge and triumph to add to your list as you prepare you for all the glorious things your life has in in store…parenting, career goals, etc. All my love and strength as you and Miles continue this journey. -DT

  4. Good Luck Emily! Glad you found a place. FYI two of Eric’s aunts each had one lung removed when they were young. Gladys lived into her late 80’s and Hazel is 93 year old, and still dancing. You and the family are in our thoughts every day. Love, Janet and Eric

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