pH Water Donations

pH WaterOne of the main supplements that Emily consumes is large quantities of alkaline water.  The 9.5 pH level is thought to be beneficial to lung cancer patients.  It also provides electrolytes and helps rid her body of the toxic chemo drugs and dead cancer cells.  Since Emily started consuming a gallon daily, her liver function tests, previously at highly elevated levels, have returned to normal!

Under the How Can I Help tab of this website, there is a link to send pH water to Emily via Amazon.  So many of you have contributed water, and it continues to be an incredible way to lend your support.

Emily would love to thank you, but she doesn’t have email addresses for everyone who sends via Amazon (and if you don’t click “gift” she won’t know who the water is from at all).  So when you send her water, please let her know with a message in the Guest Book tab of this website.

Thanks for keeping the water flowing!


3 thoughts on “pH Water Donations

  1. Emily Sending you some of the ph water to beat those lung cancer cells. Happy to hear the recent results of your pet scan were good. I am a 5 year lung cancer survivor and one of the original members of the Addario Living Room group. Sorry to have missed meeting you and Milesa at the Gala. All the best, Jacquie Mc Namara P{.S. Amazon did not allow me to send a message with the water.

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