A-M-A-Z-I-N-G News

After six months of treatment and seven rounds of chemotherapy, Emily had a PET scan on December 31st.  A PET scan examines the entire body (eyes to thighs) for “activity” uptake on a scale of 1-10, and thereby highlights the location of cancer in the body.  Emily’s last PET scan was in July prior to any treatment.  The test revealed a lung that “lit up like a Christmas tree.”  Emily’s tumor measured in at an 11 (one of the few times extra credit is not a good thing).  Meanwhile, her lymph nodes and pleural lining both had levels of 7.5.

After Emily’s most recent meeting with her oncologist, a new PET scan was ordered in order to examine the possibility of surgery.  The test would need to show cancer only in the tumor though, with no signs of activity in the pleural lining or lymph nodes.

On January 2nd, during Emily’s daily four mile walk (which she has been doing in preparation for potential surgery) we received a phone call from City of Hope.  The results were in – Emily’s pleural lining and lymph nodes both had activity levels of 0.  The tumor now had a level of just 1.9.

PET 7.9.12                PET 12.31.12

What this means:

First, Emily is a complete badass.  She is a real life superhero.  Second, the cancer in the pleural lining and the lymph nodes has been wiped out.  Surgery is now a possibility.  Third, the tumor shows barely any activity; cancer levels are generally above 3.6.  There is great reason to believe that the tumor inside Emily is merely a dead mass of scar tissue.  However, we are trying (although difficult) to maintain a conservative approach and assume there is more cancer to defeat.

In any case, determining the correct next step in treatment is crucial.  Emily will meet with City of Hope’s lung surgeon – Dr. Kim – this Thursday (January 10th).  Following the meeting, Emily’s case will be presented to the thoracic tumor board, made up of City of Hope’s lung oncologists, radiologists, and surgeons.  She is very excited about the interdisciplinary approach, and is anxious to hear the game plan.  Regardless of the next step (surgery, radiation, etc.), and due to the fact that this type of cancer is particularly aggressive and has a high rate of recurrence, Emily will most likely continue to receive maintenance chemo every third week for the foreseeable future.  Although not ideal, Emily fails to see it as a restriction, but as a means to freedom from this cancer.

Emily took time to celebrate this wonderful news with friends and family at Bruhaus – the same location where we held her chemo kick-off party back in July.  It was an amazing night, and we could not believe how much she has been able to accomplish in these past six months.

PET Celebration

Emily and I feel we have nearly climbed to the top of the mountain.  Although there is more to go and there will be a long climb back down, we feel extremely fortunate to be so close to the peak.

Thank you all for your prayers and support.  We truly believe you all are making a difference and have been an integral part in Emily’s battle.

Much love.  Live in the moment.

Emily & Miles


26 thoughts on “A-M-A-Z-I-N-G News

  1. So very happy to hear this news!! Keep on kicking butt, Emily 🙂 Sending you and Miles happy thoughts from Salt Lake City!!

  2. Hi Emily,

    Congratulations on the good news!

    My father was diagnosed with stage IV non-small cell lung cancer (adenocarcinoma with mucinous and bronchoalveoar characteristics) and has had 2 rounds of chemo & 3 cycles of radiation for the bone mets. He is getting worse. Doctors dont know what to do with him!

    What kind of chemotherapy i.e. drugs did you receive? Did you follow a particular diet?

    Any advice or recommendations will be appreciated.

    Best regards, Margarita

    • Margarita – I’m getting your email address from Webmaster Annie, and will respond with more information – whatever I can do to help. My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your father.

  3. You two tickle my heart and fill it with much joy! On knees bent I will continue to lift you both up in prayer! This I truly exciting news and we are so happy for you both! Hugs and kisses all around! Lee and Family

  4. This is absolutely outstanding news! Thank you for sharing these great stats with us. Yay Emily! And a big YAY to all of Emily’s incredible family, friends, and support network for propping you two up on this tough journey.

    London followers are rejoycing! Great way to kick off a new year, and lots of love to you from across the pond.
    Heather Dietz

  5. Wow. You two are so great. Emily, Wow. This makes our year. I love the conservative approach staying after it.


    Sarah, Casey and Elisabeth.

  6. Congratulations for the great news to a beautiful brave strong lady and her hero husband. You are always on my mind….Gretchen Harrison

  7. AMAZING!! Emily you are an inspiration! Thanks for giving the best news of 2013 already! Lots of love to you both xoxox

  8. AMAZING!! Way to go Emily, you are such an inspiration! What a way to start 2013, you’ve made all of our years! So much love to you both!

  9. Duh Emily is a badass superhero!!! She is a Scrippsie and an Athena!! Other than Chuck Norris, Emily is the most badass superhero I know.

    And Miles, wow you are one great pillar of strength. I only wish to find a man with as much love for me as you have for Emily.

  10. Hooray!! That is absolutely the best news I have heard in a long time! I have been following your story and am always amazed at your positive attitude and amazing perseverance to clobber this disease. We could all learn something from your experience – live life to the fullest at any given moment and stay positive!!!

  11. What wonderful news! We are all thinking of you and hoping for for even better news in the year to come.

    Love, Chris, Ted, Max and Daniel

  12. Love love love this news. You both have exactly the right attitude and the right mindset as well…..Much love and hope coming your way for your appointment on the 10th!!!!! Sending
    you big big big warm hugs…… Bonnie xoxoxo

  13. this is indeed AMAZING. thank you so much for taking the time to share your journey so we all know exactly how to help and what to pray for. I have very often shared your stories and posts to inspire others. this is the power of love and teamwork and positive thinking and HARD WORK. what a rock band you all are, and backing up the greatest rockstar of all time. rock on. hugs from Kathy

  14. It would be unbelievable, except it’s been so easy to believe Emily would beat this from the start. Fabulous news. I will happily live in this moment!

  15. Truly is Amazing News. Thank you for that wonderful update. What a beautiful way to start 2013. May only the best of news continue to flow throughout the year!

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