Deck the Halls of Brentwood

After two weeks of feeling the less-than-ideal chemo spirit, Emily is finally feeling better and embracing the vastly superior holiday spirit.  Last weekend, together with Stephanie Hammond (friend, coordinator of meals, and Brentwood neighbor), Emily hosted a fun, festive, and quite-filling holiday progressive, starting at Emily and Miles’ place and ending at Stephanie and her boyfriend Roger’s new apartment.

In the weeks leading up to the party when Emily was not sleeping or feeling the other ill-effects of chemo, she was combing the internet for cute party ideas.  Being quarantined and confined to the couch in your own apartment isn’t nearly as bad when there 1,687,149,987,245,831 holiday pins on Pinterest to search through and pass the time.  Emily enlisted the help of some cooking-savvy elf-friends, and the final result?  Party guests were treated to a whole selection of incredible snacks including brie baked in puff pastry topped with cranberries, honey, and toasted nuts, pomegranate jello treats shaped like gingerbread men, single serving spinach artichoke dip served in edible wonton cups, and good old pizza (made to look like candy canes, of course).

Holiday Food

Once every last plate in Emily’s apartment had been licked clean, the group made its way down “Candy Cane Lane” to Stephanie and Roger’s place.  The short walk was nicknamed Candy Cane Lane because the entire street was marked with giant candy canes so no one would get lost en-route to the next destination.  There were also more elf-friends (6+ feet tall basketball player elf-friends) along the route with music and trays of holiday-themed refreshments should anyone feel parched on the 3 block journey.

Co-hostess-with-the-mostest Stephanie also logged some serious hours selecting the best of the best holiday desserts so guests were again left with those hurt-so-good busting-at-the-seams eyes-are-bigger-than-stomach feelings.  Perhaps the highlight of the second party stop was the homemade photo booth complete with festive holiday props.  Who knew that an empty picture frame and oversize glasses could be so much fun?!

All in all it was a wonderful night to celebrate both the holiday season and Emily’s triumph over six rounds of intense chemotherapy.  Still not convinced?  We’ve got the photos to prove it! 🙂

Holiday Photo Booth

Holiday Party


3 thoughts on “Deck the Halls of Brentwood

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  2. Now this is the way lung cancer patients should be celebrating the holidays!!!! Oh wait….This is the way EVERYONE should be celebrating the holidays!!!! RIGHT???

    You are Simply the Best and I love you love you love you!!!! xoxoxoxo

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