Kara Comes to Town!

This past weekend Emily’s bestie from Idaho (and newlywed!), Kara, came down for a visit and to help Emily prepare for the holiday party that she was co-hosting (more details on the party coming soon – stay tuned!).  It was a wonderful weekend full of super fun bonding time.  Kara also brought Emily the sweetest gift to help her stay comfortable during chemotherapy.  Kara found fabric that has “HOPE” and other positive words all over it and had it made into a pillow for Emily.  It is antimicrobial fabric that can be wiped down with a light bleach solution and it has an antibacterial pillow inside of it too.  Not only will it be comfy for Emily and remind her of dear Kara, but it is clean and sanitary too – win, win, win!

Kara Visits


One thought on “Kara Comes to Town!

  1. Thank you Kara for being so loving and sweet to our Beautiful Emily……The look on her face says just how special this is to her……….She is a very special young lady and my personal ‘hero’…….. Bonnie


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