Chemo Postponed

Yesterday we hit a small speed bump.  During her meeting with Dr. Reckamp, Emily was informed that her lab results showed increasing white blood cell count and red blood cell count.  However, it also revealed a low platelet count.  The number has dropped from 196,000 (last round) to 75,000.  Such a drop is not uncommon and is a consequence of the carboplatin chemo.  Due to the low count, Emily’s chemotherapy treatment was postponed until next Monday (10/29).  This week of rest will allow Emily’s body to recuperate and to increase her platelet count to an appropriate level for chemotherapy treatment.

Fortunately, the test result does not jeopardize her using the powerful hitting carboplatin in the fifth and sixth round.  Emily’s oncologist is highly encouraged and pleased with Emily’s response to the current treatment regimen, and wants to continue hitting the tumor with this successful concoction.  And to take advantage of the week break, Dr. Reckamp had Emily get a flu shot to protect her through this upcoming flu season.

Emily is excited to have an additional week of good health.  This was a needed “vacation.”  However, this delay does not prohibit Emily from continuing to knock back the tumor.  With focused meditation, additional supplements, rest, and plenty of water, we are confident that by next Monday her platelet count will be prepared for chemo round #5 and ready to give us a scan even more beautiful than the one shown below.

This is Emily’s scan from last Thursday (10/18).  The tumor is noticeably smaller than the previous scan.  Only 20mm x 15mm of mass to go!


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