Still Shrinking!

Emily has done it again!  The test results are in and the tumor has shrunk.  A quick breakdown of the most recent scan:

  • The tumor has decreased from 24mm x 19mm to 20mm x 15mm.

To get a better idea of the massive decrease in the tumor since the start of chemotherapy, here is Emily holding in her right hand the equivalent of the original tumor size and in her left hand the puny, remaining tumor size.

  • The lymph nodes decreased dramatically to 15mm x 10mm & 12mm x 9mm.  Normal, non-malignant lymph nodes are 10mm x 10mm…looks like we are almost there.
  • The thickness of the lining of the lung has decreased from 9mm to 5mm.  And that, folks, is the thickness of a normal healthy lung lining!!!

As a result of her incredible success, Emily’s oncologist has ordered 2 more rounds of chemotherapy with the powerful carboplatin.  Generally, this George Forman-esque chemotherapy is only used for 4 rounds due to the toll it takes on the body.  However, Emily is still just as vivacious as ever, and simply exudes life and health.  And thanks to that, cancer has to get knocked around in the ring for two more rounds with the heavyweight.

Personally, I cannot state how proud I am of Emily.  Cancer is not only a physical battle, but an emotional one as well.  Emily’s determination and inner-resolve have not waivered once.  She is steadfast in her belief that she is her own statistic and there is only one possibility: her beating this disease.  Each day, she remains committed in her approach by meditating three times, drinking at least a gallon of pH water, consuming three glasses of grapefruit juice (and now Pomegranate juice) to enhance chemo’s effect, taking supplements (usually with olive oil), eating plenty of iron (to counteract the chemo-caused anemia and to avoid a blood transfusion) through steaks and Steelers games, and of course remaining positive and enriching all of us with her smile.  As I have felt for the past eight years together, I feel so fortunate to share my life with her.

Emily will start her fifth round of chemotherapy Monday (10/22).  Once again, she will be re-charged and ready to fight thanks to all the love and support she keeps receiving daily.  Thank you all for the letters, the gifts, the bottled water, the phone messages, the texts.  We cannot state enough how much each gesture means to each of us.  Emily is not alone in this fight.  Thank you.

Lastly, we would like to congratulate website guru, Annie Daun, on her engagement Saturday night to John Meyer.  John proposed on the Claremont McKenna campus following the Dig Deep, Beat Cancer volleyball event.  John, you made a great decision.  Cheers to you both.

Love to all.  Live in the moment.

Miles (and EmBen)

P.S.  Happy Birthday on Monday to the original Emily Taylor (EmTay).  We love you and thank you so much for your constant dedication to finding a path to EmBen’s recovery.


9 thoughts on “Still Shrinking!

  1. Congratulations Emily and Miles. Thank you so much for sharing your world with us. You two are such a wonderful inspiration. We love you two so much.

  2. WIsh I could take this round for you Em, but I guess tag-teaming is against the rules in this incredibly unfair game. Good luck this week. we’re sending all our strength and love your way! Fantastic to see you yesterday! -DT

  3. Best news I have heard all week. OK All month!!!!!! Apparently lung cancer had no idea who it was dealing with………You and me Em…gonna beat it AND cure it!!!!!!! Love, hugs and kisses coming your way. Sleep tight. xoxoxoxo

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