The BEST Ball Boys

While in college, Miles and his best buddy Josh worked as the official ball boys for CMS Volleyball.  They wore matching volleyball “Game Day” t-shirts, complete with festive and/or themed accessories that changed weekly.  These #1 and #2 Athena fans made sure that every player always had a volleyball in hand when needed, and they could be counted on for the highest fives (literally) after every game.  Word on the street is that this spirited and dynamic ball shagging duo might be making an on court appearance at the Dig Deep, Beat Cancer event tomorrow – OMG WHAT?!?!  Yes, we can only keep our fingers crossed and hope.  Miles, Josh, and our beloved Emily will all be in Claremont to support the Athenas and Regals who have joined Emily’s fight against lung cancer.  It would be oh so nice to see you there too 🙂


2 thoughts on “The BEST Ball Boys

  1. Cheers to all the STAGS over the years who have been amazing ball boys! AND for those who amazed again last night at the SCIAC EmBen event. SO great to see you all!

  2. Good luck tomorrow Em.

    I wish i could be with you. If it wasn’t my grand daughter Gabby’s birthday I would have come down to see you and Miles and team EM BEN in action.

    Much love and many hugs,


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