Athenas for Emily

First and foremost, the Claremont community is about connections and the family that you build.  Even though we never had the opportunity to take the court with Emily, she is a fellow Athena and that makes her important to us.  She made a huge contribution to Athena volleyball and was a big part of our success during the 2002 – 2006 years. When one Athena is hurting, it affects us all.  We are all a part of this fight and are committed to doing as much as possible to help Emily’s cause.  We stand behind Emily, Miles, and their families every step of the way.  This “Dig Deep, Beat Cancer” event goes to show how strong the CMS and broader Claremont communities are, and just how dedicated the Claremont family is to helping Emily beat lung cancer, big time.

-Katrina Lau, CMS Athena, Class of 2013

The entire CMS Athena volleyball squad is looking forward to seeing YOU at the game this Saturday as they dig deep to beat cancer.


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