Fight Like A Girl

Emily has worked for Western Asset for the last 6 years as a senior member of the portfolio compliance team.  Early on, coworkers recognized the dedication, consistency, and energy that Emily brought to her work and to her interactions with everyone at the firm.  Emily is always the first to take on additional projects, volunteer at philanthropic corporate events, and – to no one’s surprise – she helped take the firm’s softball team to the championships.

As word of her diagnosis has spread to coworkers around the world, the outpouring of support for Emily has been overwhelming.  Donations streamed in from individuals around the globe to help with her medical expenses.  Colleagues have shared their personal experiences with cancer as encouragement to Emily and offered up connections they have in the medical community that may be able to offer additional opinions or options. Coworkers in Japan sent three-hundred handmade origami cranes or “senbazuru” as a prayer for longevity and happiness. Friends in the UK sent Emily a charm necklace to remind her of the time she spent helping out the compliance team in the London office.  Her team in Pasadena put together a gift basket full of treats, magazines, and moisture creams to help with dryness that comes along with chemotherapy.  Individuals have sent thoughtful notes and emails, educational and spiritual books and DVDs, and a whole array of sweet treats to boost energy and morale.  All of these expressions of support have helped carry Emily and Miles through these first few crucial months of her fight.

Some of Emily’s friends at work ordered several hundred white bracelets (the color of lung cancer awareness) with the encouraging phrase “Fight Like a Girl!” which embodies Emily’s unrelenting conviction to beat this disease.  Bracelets can be seen adorning the wrists and computers of coworkers throughout the office, and colleagues continue to send Emily photos of friends and family wearing the white bracelets as a sign of encouragement and support for her fight against cancer.

Emily’s current chemotherapy schedule allows her to work for a few days out of the month. Emily and Miles are so grateful for all of the support, donations, and gifts, but Emily is most appreciative of how normal her interactions are with everyone at work.  She loves that expectations of her work remain high, and that she continues to feel challenged.  Emily is looking forward to the day when she can focus her “fight” back on her work and not on lung cancer!

For anyone who is interested in sporting his/her own white “Fight like a Girl” bracelet, we will have them at the Dig Deep, Beat Cancer event next Saturday (October 20th).  Do you have a funny/interesting/cool/heartwarming photo with the bracelet?  Email it to and I’ll try and share it on the blog!


2 thoughts on “Fight Like A Girl

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  2. Emily is my ‘hero’……yesterday, today and tomorrow! She is beautiful, courageous, fun, smart and spreads much ‘Joy’ to many. I am a better person now that she is in my world…..Bonnie Addario Big hugs to you girlfriend! xoxo

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