Reunited, And It Feels So Good

This past weekend Emily and Miles ventured north to Idaho for the wedding of a dear friend.  They were able to drive through Emily’s hometown of Moscow, ID, see her old house, high school and church, and even her favorite fast food joint, Zip’s.  The best part of the weekend was reuniting with her high school besties who now live scattered across the U.S. – Kara (b-e-a-utiful bride!), Emily W, and Chelsea.  Two years ago these three lovely ladies were a part of Emily’s wedding party as she married Miles, so it was wonderful for them to all be in the same place together again.


This incredible weekend set Emily up with high spirits and renewed vigor as she went in for her 4th round of chemotherapy on Monday.  She was sporting a Great Lung Run shirt in honor of Kelcey Harrison who just passed the halfway (1,270 mile) marker on her run from NY to SF to raise awareness for lung cancer.  Both of these gals are working to beat lung cancer, big time.

2 thoughts on “Reunited, And It Feels So Good

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  2. Dear Emily, You look beautiful and healthy so tell that “bad bug” to get away from you. Love your t-shirt. I think about you every day. I love Idaho….we used to ski at Sun Valley every March, and I have been through Moscow. I grew up in Portland, OR. I know you will meet Kelcey in 2013 and you will be friends. My prayers and hugs, Gretchen Harrison

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