For those of you who have not had the privilege of meeting Michele Taylor (Emily’s MIL), she is a caring, funny, and all around wonderful person.  Various events over the past few months have revealed that she is also a wealth of helpful information.  Here are a few pearls of wisdom that Michele has been kind enough to enlighten us with…

On being nice to people
[Background: Miles was on the phone and thought he was calling Emily, but had actually called Michele]
Miles: Hey sexy!
Michele: Huh?
Miles: [still doesn’t realize it’s his mom] Hey sexy!
Michele: [pause] You know, thank you. That is really nice. I think we all need to be nice to each other right now, so thank you!
Miles: [awkward silence, realizes it’s his mom]

On crying
[Background: Annie had been telling Michele that she’d made it through a certain number of days without crying]
Michele: I have decided that it is ok to cry, because through your tears, you will lose salt, and then it is ok to eat popcorn.

On running speed for the BJALCF 5K
[Background: Michele was wearing a cute running skirt while her daughter, EmTay, was wearing goofy green shorts.  Michele’s plan was for EmTay to win the ladies portion of the event so that “Emily Taylor” would be announced as the winner]
Michele: Do you need those to run fast?  If so, you should wear them..

On navigating the subway
[Background: Michele and EmTay were in New York and about to get on the subway to go to Mt Sinai to meet with a leading thoracic surgeon to discuss Emily’s case]
EmTay: Do we need a map?
Michele: No. I am like a rat. I’m really good underground.

On saving money
[Background: Some of Emily’s colleagues collected donations in exchange for lung cancer awareness bracelets to help raise money.  The results of the effort included a rather large stack of cash and checks]  
Michele: Don’t deposit cash at the bank. The teller will think you are a prostitute.

On nausea
[Background: Emily just underwent her first round of chemotherapy and had been sitting on the bathroom floor next to the toilet all day feeling nauseas (but hadn’t actually vomited yet)]
Michele: Miles, I’ve been doing research and it says that the smell of citrus can help alleviate nausea [squirts some lemon juice on a clean cloth and gives to Miles]
Miles: [takes citrus-y smelling cloth to Emily in the bathroom] Hey babe, mom says that the scent of citrus is supposed to help with nausea. Here, smell this [puts cloth up to Emily’s nose]
Emily: [Vomits immediately, and continues to do so for the next 4 hours]

On fashion
[Background (this one is a throwback): Rich, Michele, EmTay, and Miles all attended a family wedding a few years back.  Michele picked out Miles’ tuxedo]
Miles: I look like Randy Travis.

 Happy Friday everyone, have a wonderful weekend 🙂

3 thoughts on “Michele-isms

  1. I am a ‘fan’ of the popcorn and prostitute remarks…..Classic!!!!!! Going to use both of those when appropriate. I am also a ‘fan’ of Michelle and now her Michelleisms too…..xoxoxo Happy Thanksgiving. Our whole family minus Ryan (16 of us) are in Cabo for the Holiday. It truly will never be the same……Happy Thanksgiving everyone. A very special year for some lovely people I know…….xoxoxo

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