Breaking News!!!

Emily had a CT scan yesterday to evaluate the effects of the first two rounds of chemotherapy.  The results according to City of Hope: PHENOMENAL!

Emily at work telling her team the great news

The tumor has been reduced by half, along with the lymph nodes.  The lung lining is greatly improved and there is no evidence that the cancer has spread anywhere else in the body.  Most fluid has been cleared from the lungs, which has contributed to Emily feeling stronger and breathing better.

Additionally, we learned this week that MIT identified the driver gene of the cancer, allowing for the possibility of genetic targeted treatments in the future.  For now, Emily has been cleared for two more rounds of chemotherapy.  Bring it on.

Thank you for all your kind thoughts and prayers.  Keep them coming – together we’re going to beat this.

Love to All.  Live in the Moment.



25 thoughts on “Breaking News!!!

  1. We’re so happy to hear the good news! We had a lovely visit with Michele and Rich this week; it was so nice to see them. Hang in there. We love you all.

  2. Thank you so much for posting the update! Wonderful news! The treatments are brutal, but so much easier to endure when you know your body is responding to the treatments. I finally think Chuck Norris may finally have an equal…

  3. Hey Miles and Emily…..way to fight! I just logged on in hopes of good news and this is GREAT news!!! Keep it up …so many folks are pulling for you…my family all the way from Kentucky! (Colleen’s friend)

  4. I don’t what you two have planned for tonight, but Mike and I are going out to whoop it up!
    I don’t generally dance,but I’m pretty sure I started Irish step-dancing when Michele called me to tell me this utterly fantastic, super duper stupendous news this afternoon. A little embarrassing since I was having lunch at a stuffy country club. XOXOXO Colleen

  5. Thank goodness! Fantastic news. A testament to Emily’s strength and determination along with her family and friend’s unwavering support!

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