Liver Enzymes Falling, Back Teeth Floating

Two weeks ago, Emily’s blood work showed highly elevated liver enzymes which indicated a swollen liver in reaction to one of the very important chemotherapy drugs.  A re-test was scheduled and, if the levels didn’t improve, Emily would need to stop that chemo, a treatment they were hoping to use long term to keep the cancer in check.  In the weeks following that first blood test, Emily eliminated all irritants from her diet, including pain medication, she stayed out of the sun to avoid dehydration, and flushed her system with a gallon and a half of water each day.

Emily has been putting away cases of water as fast as they appear on her doorstep (many thanks to all of the incredible folks from near and far who have been sending water!).  The postman decided to get a little bit cheeky this week while making a rather large delivery.  Emily opened the door of the apartment to find that she had been barricaded in with boxes of water.  While the wall of water is impressive, Emily’s 10,000 megawatt smile steals the show.

Re-test results: Liver enzymes down by 2/3!  Although still slightly elevated, there is no longer cause for concern and the chemo can continue.  What a relief!


For those of you who are still unsure about what is going on with Emily’s back teeth, click here.


5 thoughts on “Liver Enzymes Falling, Back Teeth Floating

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  2. So glad to hear the enzymes are down! GO EMILY GO! (And that water-wall is no joke!) Thinking about you and Miles all the time! Love, Miranda and Rodney

  3. Emily……Our entire foundation is rooting for you in all of the US and Europe…..That is
    quite a few people……Now that I know you have enough water I will just send you all the hugs we have here in San Francisco and beyond…….

  4. Emily & Miles,
    I now share your updates with seven good friends in Napa, Marin, San Francisco & Sun Valley.
    They, like I, await each bit of news of what is an amazing story…and send warm, positive thoughts your way.
    Feel the love,
    Uncle Robert

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