Good. Great. Garland.

Emily’s husband Miles works for a wonderful organization called The Garland Company.  On August 17, a group of 35 of his Garland colleagues and guests from the corporate office in Cleveland attended the Ohio Cancer Research Association’s annual dinner in Emily’s honor.  Dave Sokol, President of Garland and honoree of the evening, spoke of Emily’s courage, strength, and willpower.  He shared Emily’s story with the audience and his confidence that, with her determination, she will kick cancer.  In honor of Emily’s fight, the entire Garland group wore white ribbons printed with the sentiment “Hope for Emily.”  The Garland family cares about people, period.  They fight for those who are close to them and for those they may never meet.  Dave closed his acceptance speech with some special words that his mother taught him at a young age…”It is more fun to give than it is to receive.”  Dave and The Garland Company embody this motto and Emily and Miles are so grateful for their incredible love and support.

The following video is an excerpt of Dave Sokol talking about Emily’s fight against lung cancer as he is honored by the Ohio Cancer Research Association.


5 thoughts on “Good. Great. Garland.

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  2. It is a wonderful opportunity to go to work every day for a Company that has the Human compassion and value set that Garland does. When one of us is hurting we all are hurting. When one is in need we band together to assist in any way possible. These random acts of kindness embody the American spirit and the Garland philosophy. Miles and Emily – You are not only in our organization and our family but in our hearts as well.
    Keep up the good fight. We are here not only for you, but with you.

  3. Tough, classy, purposeful, humble, and honest. The Garland Group led by Dave, have everything in common with Emily and Miles. The best extended family ever.

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