Mini Family Reunion in LA

Over the past weekend Emily and Miles were able to spend some quality time with Emily’s grandparents, Larry and Peggy, as well as her aunt, Robin, and cousins, Courtney and Shawna.  Emily’s grandparents are originally from Southern California which is where Emily’s mom and aunts grew up.  Larry and Peggy live in Northern California now and took a little road trip back down south to visit some of their favorite grand-kiddos and attend Larry’s 60th (!!) high school reunion.

The family brought Emily In-N-Out burgers for lunch (her favorite!) since she was still quarantined in the apartment at that time (fortunately, she has since been released back out in to the ‘wild’ though).  The family had a great time talking, laughing, and catching up.  If you look closely in the photo below you can see that Emily is wearing a beautiful opal earring and necklace set.  Many years ago Larry gave the jewelry to Peggy.  The family heirlooms have since been passed on to Emily.

Peggy and Larry with granddaughter Emily, Los Angeles 2012

Peggy and Larry with daughters Cindy (left), Melanie (back), and Emily’s mom Shelley (middle), Los Angeles 1963


2 thoughts on “Mini Family Reunion in LA

  1. Great family photos of the visit! I should mention that Robin is also in the 1963 photo. If you look closely you can tell that Peggy was pregnant! 🙂

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